Monday, December 14, 2009

A Trip to Bachman's

Over the past weekend I went to my favorite Christmas destination. Bachman’s in Minneapolis. A company that has been in business since 1885. A Minneapolis icon oozing with creativity.

I always travel to Bachman’s (3 hours away) because no one in our area carries "natural" Balsam trees. (Natural means - just like they grow naturally - no trimming involved - branches sticking out everywhere - truly a Charlie Brown tree.)
I also prefer Cedar roping - cannot find this in the area either.

However, due to a very busy schedule and a snowstorm
my trip to Bachman’s was delayed.

When I arrived at the tree lot, I went directly to the Natural Balsam section. I was stunned - not a tree to be found. I asked the somewhat frozen stiff guy working outdoors if they had any natural Balsams - no they were all gone. ALL GONE - CAN’T BE. Whatever shall I do.? I finally settled on an 8 foot natural Frasier Fur. We have 10 foot ceilings so I was very sad to have to settle for an 8 foot tree. An eight foot tree in a ten foot room looks very small. Also NO CEDAR ROPING!

Bachman's also has a wonderful place to eat right there in the green house among the poinsettias. But after my no tree/roping discovery I was so distraught I forgot about eating. Nor did I take any pictures of the yummy pastries or the beautiful poinsettias. Here are a few of the pictures that I did manage to snap.

As you can see a trip to Bachman's puts you in a Christmas mood.
All of the 3 hour drive home I tried to figure out how I could make my 8 foot tree look like a ten foot tree.

This is the only solution I could come up with.
Hmmm, how am I going to make it look like the tree is not setting on bricks
Check back later to find how I conceal the bricks.

Although I am still working on the inside of the house the outside is done.
Just a few snapshots of the outside.

I will be decorating the inside of my house all week - I will be blogging along the way so check back often.

Happy Decorating! (Although I am sure everyone is done decorating except me.)

From my heart,



  1. I get my spruce tips from Bachmans each year (I live in a msp suburb), even though I have an artificial tree I'll have to check out the balsam trees next year. Many years we take our kids there to get a snapshot for Christmas cards, there are so many wonderful scenes for backgrounds. Next year you'll have to call ahead for your tree... I've found when looking for particular plants they are very good at checking all the locations for what I'm looking for and now they have a place in Farmington, too (I assume you went to Lyndale.) Happy Holidays!

  2. Well lots of presents stacked in front of those bricks will help! :)

  3. OOOOOOOOOO I love your home. Please post more photos of it. It looks like a new "old" Victorian. Do I have that correct? I love to see the snow. It is still 80 here in Florida. My family lives in Bemidji so I do keep up with your weather. Guess there is no perfect climate but I am tired of the heat.

  4. Looks like a neat place to shop. I bet the tree is going to turn out wonderful! Your home is beautiful.

  5. What a charming house you have! I have not done any decorating inside or out. No cookie making, either. Is Christmas coming soon?

    Leslie S. in MN

  6. Not everyone is done! I still need to put the binding on my new tree skirt!
    Your outdoor decorating is lovely!
    Yes, agree with Karen, Bachmans will hold a tree for you.

  7. Some presents would cover the bricks or some boxes filled with greenery like the last picture would hide it nicely. Oh, or maybe you could build a little platform and place a train around the botttom of the tree. I'm sure whatever you decide will look lovely.

  8. Hi Mom,

    I agree with CJ just buy Anthony and I lots of really really big gifts :)


  9. Your house is beautiful! And I'm not finished decorating yet either. You're in good company (or maybe I am!).

  10. I almost always set my shorter tree up on hymn books (I have a lot of hymn books) and then cover it with a green sheet and then a
    Christmas tree skirt. It always looks great. This year I went to Lowe's for a real tree and got the last 9 ft. Frasier Fir (on Dec. 5). Trees are selling out everywhere here in the Tulsa area this year. I don't think they ordered as many as usual.

  11. I LOVE Bachman's -- one of the many things I miss about Minneapolis! California just doesn't cut it at this time of year. Been waiting for snow pictures from the midwest blogs. I'm homesick!

  12. I love your house. It looks like a mirror image of the one I grew up in. Did you happen to design a quilt with a farmer in bib overalls feedsing his chickens? I'm searching for that pattern. Thanks.