Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are You Wedding Ready?

Are you wedding ready?

We (along with two billion other people)
will be rising at the crack of dawn to view "the wedding".

I have decided if Miss Kate emerges from the car and looks like an over the top crumpled box of kleenex
I will go back to bed. Remember the bridal showers where the guest made the bride a wedding dress out of toilet paper and kleenex? Diana's dress reminded me of one of those dresses.
I just have to make this addition to this blog...Kate looked lovely, absolutely lovely. That dress will be timeless. Not a hint of kleenex at all! And now I am very sleep deprived.

Please don’t send me hate mail but poor Diana….
It was the eighties…

Everything was big.
Big hair.
Big sleeves.
Big bows.

Enjoy the wedding.

From my heart,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Finery

Easter is just three days away. Do you have your Easter bonnet?

with all the frills upon it.

Growing up, Easter was not just about the holy days but also about "the Easter Outfit". Easter meant that Mom would make us three girls and herself all new dresses. And the best part...we would get new shoes.

Either black patent...

or white patent.
Oh I loved getting new shoes.

This looks to be Brenda's first Easter - she is dressed in white. Linda's and my dress were made out of organza - a terribly itchy fabric. They were the same print, Linda's in lavender, mine in aqua. It looks like this year our new shoes are white patent. (Linda's are peaking out just a bit.) It also looks like Mom gave us fresh Toni perms for Easter.

The next year Mom went all out with her Easter dress and cross stitched around the bottom and down the front. My dress is made out of the same pattern that Linda's was the year before. This year we have black patent shoes. (I wonder if we switched every other year?) The thing I remember most about this Easter outfit was that older sister Linda had shoes WITHOUT straps. Oh I was sooooo jealous and embarrassed that mine had straps. And the next Easter my feet still were not big enough to buy the "big girl" strapless shoes.

By this Easter Linda was old enough to make her own Easter dress.
Mom made mine and Brenda's.

I made this Easter dress my freshman year.
Dotted Swiss with daisy
The gloves added a nice touch wouldn't you say?
And navy blue gillie tie shoes. Gillie ties were very big in 1969.

It has been years since I made an "Easter outfit" but I still like to buy new shoes.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.

From my heart,

PS Will someone out there in blog land who uses blogger please tell me why I do not have all of these odd spaces until I post it. And how do I get rid of them!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mr Brown Has Been Found!

We received a tip that Mr. Brown had been spotted in a certain parking lot in town around about 10:00 in the morning. Sooo we went under cover.

As under cover as one can be in a bright blue Astro van.

Armed with only with a seam ripper

Sure enough the brown truck and Mr. Brown did appear around 10:00.

We jumped out of the van and demanded my packages.

He said he didn't think he had any of my packages.

I flashed my seam ripper and sure enough he fumble around

and found a brown package with a Moda label.

I told him there were two packages.

More fumbling.

And sure enough he came up with package number 2.

He handed over both packages without incident.

We loaded the packages in the Astro and made a quick get away.

As quick as you can get away in an old Astro van.

Now that I have fabric I am holding my seamstresses hostage...with my seam ripper.

Many projects need to be completed in the short 3 weeks before market.

Who knew the pressure of market could lead to a life of crime.

Wishing you a seam ripper free day.

From my heart,


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Winter, Spring, Summer

Friday there was still ice on the lake - still winter in my book. Saturday morning….

the ice was gone - nothing but open water -

a sure sign winter is gone and Spring is here.

Today my Crocuses are blooming…

and it is 74 degrees and sunny.

It almost feels like summer.

We spent the day out at the lake.
We fired up the Weber and grilled some Iowa Chops.
I spent the whole day sitting on the deck soaking up the wonderful, warm sunshine.
I feel totally rejuvenated and ready to take on the busy week ahead.

If we did not have winter...would we appreciate spring as much as we do?

Have a great week.

From my heart,