Thursday, June 24, 2010

Forget the Apple!

There was a time in my life when I could eat absolutely anything I wanted. Chocolate, bread, scotch-a-roos, mashed potatoes and gravy. (After all I grew up in Minnesota - where butter is a spice and gravy is a beverage.)
The really nice thing was I never gained weight.

Then along came Midlife. And she brought her friend Menopause.
Suddenly I could no longer eat anything and everything.

Along about that same time a new coffee shop/restaurant named The Perky Parrot came to town.They have the BEST puppy chow. And the red velvet cupcakes are darn good too, as well as the soups and sandwiches.

I also love their iced tea.

Unfortunately they have the Puppy Chow

setting right next to the checkout.

I can never leave with just my calorie free tea -

I can't help myself -

I always have to get the Puppy Chow too.

They also have bananas right next to the checkout.

However, I have never had an uncontrollable
urge to buy a banana. ????

Soon after the Perky Parrot opened, The Chocolate Season came to town.

Those of you who know me know how very much I LOVE chocolate,
and their Turtles - (or Tuttles as they call them) are to die for.

But it seems that it is not the chocolate that I cannot get enough of -

it's The Chocolate Season's caramel corn.
It is wonderful - just the right amount of ooey - gooey - chewy.

She also serves other scrumptious items.
Today's treats.

Soon I needed bigger jeans. But I have a theory. Once you buy bigger jeans - you will never go back to the smaller size.

I work alone most of the time - and the girls I work with suffer from the same problem.

So, I opted not to buy bigger jeans. Instead I just didn't take off my coat. After all it was winter - in Iowa - a coat is a must. (The same coat I wore ice fishing.)

When I did take it off - at a restaurant - I was sitting - again hiding the fact that my jeans were tight.

Finally along came spring - and I switched to my spring coat.
Now it is summer and a coat really is not an option. (94 degrees here today.)
Soooo I decided to start eating healthy.

I bought some apples.

Instead of having a bag of puppy chow or

caramel corn in the afternoon I would have an apple.
I bought Pink Ladies. (They are a sweet crisp apple.)

The first couple of days

I convinced myself they were almost as good as chocolate.

By the third day I was eating the apple

and just a little bit of puppy chow and or caramel corn.

By the fourth day I ate the apple

and a little bit more puppy chow and or caramel corn.

By the fifth day I ate the apple and

a whole bunch of puppy chow and caramel corn.

On the sixth day I decided to forget the apple

and just eat all of the puppy chow and all of the camel corn.

Hey in my mind I just saved myself 80 calories.

(That's one more handful of puppy chow or caramel corn.)

Now I have another dilemma.
Our son will be getting married on September 4th - THIS September 4th.
I will need to find a wedding outfit.
It is labor day weekend so I know that white is no longer an option.
But is it too early to wear my wool plaid coat…….


I better go buy another bag of apples.

Have a sweet day.

From my heart,

Monday, June 7, 2010


When I'm feeling down. When I'm feeling fat. When I'm bored. I go to my Therapist, or or or The doctor is in 24/7 - no need for an appointment.

This week I received these packages from Endless, they as most of my therapist do, offer free shipping and sometimes free next day air shipping and always free returns. One box had the free next day air shipping shoes and the other had the free 2nd day air shoes - however they both arrived in one day - gotta love it.

Why shoes rock:

• Everyone I know has fat jeans and skinny jeans but nobody has fat shoes and skinny shoes...
No matter what your weight you shoes always fit.

•No matter how ugly the clothes are….
The shoes are always cute.

•Although some colors do not look good against you face…
You can wear most any color on your feet.

•The pants may make your butt look big…
But the shoes will never make you toes look big.

Ten boxes of therapy.

Hey with free shipping why order just a few.

I loved these, however they sent me a 9W

instead of a 6M and they are no longer available in my size. :-(

Okay - but not fond of the gold buckle

I sometimes will sacrifice comfort for cute.

These were boring and not even comfortable

Nothing exciting.

I need a new pair of black sandals.

These did not make the cut.

No cushion on the foot bed.

These are very comfy.

I think I will send them back

and order them in black to replace my shabby black pair.

Don't like the gold eyelets

Very, very cute - in fact my favorite - but too young for me.

For $19.95 how could I pass up these cuties.
Love the polka dot lining.

With such a different but wonderful color combination
how could I pass up these? And only $34.95.

Out of the 10 pair I kept the 2 pair for a total of $54.90. I do believe that is WAY less money then 1 hour in a therapist office.

Shoe therapy - it's the way to go.

Now go do some shoe shopping.

From my heart and my happy feet,