Thursday, November 25, 2010

Quick Gifts to Make

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving at my parents farm. We have so much to be thankful for -Dad's broken leg is healed, Mom is cancer free and we have added a new daughter-in-law to the family. Life is good.

I am comfortably settled into my fat jeans

and ready to take on the Thanksgiving feast.
12:30 cannot come quick enough. Yummy!

Now that Thanksgiving is here, we all know how quickly it will be Christmas. (Just 30 days away!)
Do you need a quick Christmas item for your house or a quick gift? (I think we would all agree...handmade gifts are the best to give and receive.)
Although there probably is not time to make an elaborate pieced quilt I have plenty of projects that are doable. Pictured below are several gift or decorating items that can be made in 1 day or less.

My newest pattern - just designed yesterday.
#WA 122 Cheers!
This pattern features three different wine bottle covers.
It only takes about an hour to make each one.
They would make great hostess' gifts.

#109 Christmas Hang-Ups
You could make one of these tags to tie around the wine bottle
or make some to use as gift tags.

Kit 501 Owlivia
We have kits available to make this little cutie.
Everything to make Owlivia is included except the stuffing.

PB1026 Holly Jolly

PB1026 Holly Jolly

#247 Snowbound

#194 Merry Merry

#274 Criss-cross

#301 Jitters

#406 Not for Napping
These pillows use some fun vintage pins.
You can find the pins at thrift shops, on ebay or etsy.

#502 Oopsie Daisy

Here is hoping you all are having a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.
Hope you find time to make a few handmade gifts this holiday season.
From my heart,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Wedding Quilt

Two of Anthony's cousins were married before him. Grandma Fisher made a wedding quilt for each of them. When Anthony and Deb shared the news of their engagement, Grandma's reply was, well looks like I will get to make another wedding quilt.

Then in May mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. As she lay so very sick in the hospital for twenty two days, I really thought she probably would never sew again. Finally she was released from the hospital and started the long slow road to recovery. Nothing was said about a wedding quilt for quite sometime. I was sure there would never be a wedding quilt. Then along about July she called to asked if I could pick out some fabric for the wedding quilt. I asked if she was up to it. I think from her reply that possibly I had offended her. Oh course she was up to it. Did I think she was an invalid?

The wedding quilt.

The pattern is a simplified block from Pumpkins Gone Wild.
Notice the odd block???

Remember Anthony and Deb's romantic (????)
proposal in the ice fishing house?
Grandma decided to turn one of the blocks
into a little ice fishing shack. How cute!

Also, a word about my wedding necklace. I have had many emails about my wedding necklace. Is it old? Is it new?

It is a new necklace made out of old jewelry.
My necklace was made by Christina Conrad of Rhys Cameron Designs.

She also made this one for me using some of my old vintage jewelry.

Have a great day and I hope you find time to quilt today.

From my heart,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

37 Years and Counting

November 3, 1973

37 years and counting

Happy Anniversary to my DH.