Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's it Going to Be?

CLARIFICATION: Which Thursday is the contest ending??? Well let's make it Wednesday, October 7th at midnight.

Seven days and counting. Remember in my last blog I said that I had to design my booth and usually that would involve building or painting something. Well, it seems not only are we going to build something but we will also have to paint it. Can you guess what we are going to build?

These are your clues.
(the boards behind the bike are part of the clues)
We are going to take these various items and make them into something for my booth.
Can you guess what it is going to be?

Guess right and you have a chance to win one of these.

If there is more than one person guessing the right answer, (which I am sure there will be - it's pretty obvious) a drawing will take place.
The contest ends Wednesday, October 7th at midnight.
I will reveal what we have made after we place the item in our booth.
I will be updating my blog during market - so stayed tuned.

We have been too busy to empty the trash.
It doesn't smell so who cares?

Sandy K. stitching on some pillows.
My floss box is the one on the right - hers is on the left and center.
Gee I wonder why she prefers to bring her own floss.
(Really who has time for such silliness???)

Lois - just about done with one binding and then on to the next.

Seven more days to go and we have only have
3 items in the DONE pile. :-(
The pressure is on.

We will see some of you soon - way too soon.
From my heart,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spring Has Arrived

Spring has arrived! No not the season but my spring fabric.

Last Thursday I went to lunch and when I came back these boxes were sitting by my desk. Straight from the mill in Korea. - no time to ship to Moda and then on to me.

This is what was inside the boxes. The name of this line is Frolic.

For you shop owners that follow my blog, you will be able to see this at the Moda booth at International Quilt Market - If you are interested book your appointment now. If you are one of those blog followers that does not own a shop, you will have to wait until January to see this fabric in your favorite quilt shop(s). If you like it tell your quilt shop owner and maybe she will buy it. ;-)

About a week before the fabric arrived, I received scanned images of the fabric so I could computer generate my quilts. I consumed both of these boxes of fudge while generating. (Yes I really did spend $15.00 on fudge.) I generated 6 quilts using this fabric. Now we have to sew all six quilts, have them quilted and bound by the time we leave for market on October 6th. Yikes! That gives use only 13 days to get all this done! How do I do it?

I call in the troops.

Lois - Look at those stacks of connector squares (432 of them)
that she has to plow through before she can even begin to assemble the blocks.

Sandy K. helping Lois out with her connector squares while I cut a quilt for her to sew.

Sandy K. threading her bobbin - again.
Why can't somebody come up with bigger bobbins?

Lori working on her assignment. Notice, by now it is dark outside. How do I get my seamstresses to work a couple of nights during crunch season???

Feed them pizza.

Everybody went home last night about 10:00 and they are all back sewing today. I am very grateful for my dedicated seamstresses.
Not only do we have to finish all of the quilts, I also have to create my booth, (which usually involves building or painting something) write a newsletter, design and print brochures, make salesman sample packs, pack the trailer, pack a suitcase, pretty up a bit (get my toes and nails done, haircut and color) - all this in just 13 days. Pray for me. :)

From my heart,


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Antiquing with the Astro Van

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. My two sisters, their husbands and my mother can down for a sleep over at the cabin. We missed having Dad but he is getting along fine and will be released today. He will then receive home health care at home.

Bruce and I had planned on attending the Antique Show in Clear Lake Iowa this weekend as we often do. Unfortunately we were confused (seems to be happening more often these days) about the day. The show was on Sunday - not Monday as we had thought. I was so disappointed because that is a really good show. So instead we loaded up the Astro van and headed towards the Iowa Great Lakes. There are several antique shops over that way where I found some great treasures.

No this is not one of my treasures, but if you are looking for a great antiquing vehicle this is what you need. You can get a large sized hutch in one of these numbers. It is also great for Christmas tree shopping, and flower shopping come spring.
It embarrasses the kids to death - but I don't care.

This little red over yellow painted stool was my favorite find. It was kind of pricy but if it is the perfect color (red), and it can simply be taken from the van and set it place, I am willing to pay more. - No sanding, scraping, painting or waxing.
Also found the wonderful little shooting game.

I love the sides of the little stool.

It looks great sitting below my framed games that I found on a previous antiquing trip.

After we bought the cabin I started collecting pitchers - old or new. I found the ribbed turquoise pitcher and the clear one with the red and yellow stripes this weekend. The poppy red one I found in an antique store here in town and the big yellow one is a new pitcher - but who cares the color and shape are great. I gathered the bittersweet this weekend but unfortunately someone had beat me to it so there was very little left to gather.

I love love this little number. The color and graphics are awesome. I am going to frame it and hang it in my kitchen at the cabin.

Many of you are too young (those of you who guessed I was married in the 90's) to know what these little poppy red dishes were used for. They are called refrigerator dishes. This is what ladies used before Tupperware. Okay some of you are also too young to know what Tupperware is. So this is what the ladies would use before GladWare.
Can you tell I am attracted to anything red?

On the way home we spotted and bought this little number. Lucky for us the old Astro has a hitch so we were able to pull the boat on home. (Hey kids - another reason to own an Astro van.) It is named Jules63. (after the previous owner) We plan on renaming it.
Any suggestion for a name???

After a great day of antiquing we headed home with all of our treasures. I made a pitcher of lemonade in my new pitcher and we sat by the lake and watched the waves roll in.
Life is good.

Our Favorite Lemonade
Country Time Lemonade Powder Mix
5 lemons
2 liter of 7-Up

Mix 2 quarts of Lemonade according to directions - substituting 7-Up for water.
Squeeze the juice from 3 of the lemons. Add juice and pulp to lemonade.
Slice the fourth lemon and float slices in lemonade.
Slice the last lemon and put a lemon slice on each glass.


From my heart,