Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness

Temps in the 80's, birds are building nests, flowers are popping out of the ground, and there are leaves on the trees.
March Madness for sure.

Occasionally we do get temps in the upper 70's and 80's in March and it feels a little spring like but you can still feel the winter and you know the warmth is not here to stay. Right now here in Iowa it is in the 80's and I am not feeling any winter. Do you suppose winter is really over and the nice weather is here to stay?

We celebrated daughter Abby's 30th birthday over the weekend.
Her birthday is March 20th - the first day of spring.
In all of her 30 years she has not had a birthday that was this warm.
The spring almost summer like weather allowed us to dine outside on the patio at Zombie Burger to celebrate the big birthday.

Happy Birthday Abby!
Of coarse I forgot my camera - so no b-day pictures.
Usually when I forget my camera i just draw something.
This time I am using something that Abby drew.
It is a self portrait that she did in a high school art class.
I have always loved how she captured her
beautiful green eyes and full dark eyelashes.
I have framed it and it hangs in our cabin.

This unusually warm weather has also made me want to...

Tend to my long neglected toes.

Buy fun shoes - even though they cover up my new pedi.

Buy a new article of clothing in one of the new bright colors of spring.

Design fabric with more bright pops of color.

What is this unusually warm weather making you want to do?

Happy Spring!

From my heart,


Friday, March 2, 2012

Nobody Guessed Fur Boots

Today is the big reveal of our vintage items and the winner announcement at Fat Quarters.

I can't believe not one person guessed fur boots as my vintage item.

Well almost all of you were right. Indeed my item is not fur boots but

a short fur coat.

This length of coat is known as a Stroller.

I have been told it is mink.

They say the camera adds 10 pounds.

Put on a fur coat and you just added 20 more.


This snippet picture made it so easy, you really did not need hints but I did give you a few anyway.


The item was purchased at a store that is called by a different name today.

Some of you made a very good guess of Dayton's - now Macy's.

I grew up in Minnesota and Dayton's was a place I went to often - but sadly I could not afford a fur from the Dayton's fur salon. My coat was purchased at a Used Clothing store - now called Vintage Shops. One person did get this right.

The item was purchased 30 years ago.

I bought it used and I am thinking it is from the 50's era.

I paid just $30.00 for this gem.

Audrey would have only worn this with brown - but not brown diamonds.

Audrey or any other movie star at the time would have only worn this coat with brown leather gloves.

Wearing it with bright purple gloves puts the modern into Vintage Modern.

Someday my daughter might wear this item.

I feel this fur is as in style today as it was when the first owner wore it.

And when I hand it down to my daughter - it will still be in style.

I actually wear this coat quite a bit. Back in the day it would have been saved for special occasions.

Not me, remember I am not a saver of treasures, I wear it to dress up and I wear it with jeans and boots.

If it is freezing cold outside, it is the coat to wear. Cozy warm!

Hope you are all having a cozy day.

From my heart,