Friday, January 27, 2012

Number One or Number Two?

I have been wearing glasses since kindergarten - yep they had glasses that far back.
My first pair were a light blue plastic.

Not very funky or unusual...
but at the time if you were a little girl
you either wore blue or pink plastic frames.
There really were not a lot of choices back in the day.

Today the choices are endless.
I am currently loving these sunglasses.

Don’t you just love the button?
I wish they were not so spendy -
hate to spend too much on sunglasses,
as I tend to lose them.
Being the creative/resourceful person that I am,
why couldn't I just cut the shank off of a button
and glue it on a less expensive pair?
I am quite sure that I have that exact
button in my extensive button collection.

Have you ever googled vintage eyeglass frames?
Etsy has some really fun frames.

Loving the lavender.

And how about these for funky.

I have always loved getting new glasses but I HATE the eye exam. I find an eye exam very stressful.
I have always wondered why, with all of the technology that we have, is there not a better way to have your eyes examined??? Better here... or here - Better number one... or number two?? Really??? Most of the time I really cannot decide which one is better...

they are usually both blurry.
And if you were not cross eyed when you started…

you are by the time you get done.

When I can't decide between one...or two,
I get stressed and then I get…

sweaty armpits.
Sad but true. Poor eye doctor.

I have always thought that being an eye doctor had to be the cushiest job there is - well except for the sweaty armpit part. Really how much stress is there on the doctor - he never has to choose between one or two. And if your glasses are not quite right...well you chose number two over number one even though they were both equally blurry.

Well I just saw a commercial on TV for one of those 1 hour glasses places and I see they are offering a new thing called Accufit Digital Measuring system. I just caught the end of the commercial and thought - finally no more better here... or here. But upon doing some research I find that Accufit Digital Measuring just assures that your lenses are perfectly placed in your frame. I was so disappointed. Really if I wrongly chose two over one...well it really won't matter how perfectly my lenses are placed in my funky frames!

And the stress goes on.

May you always see clearly.

From my heart,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Valentines 2013

Winter is flying by. Here in Iowa we are having a very mild snowless winter. We have been having temps in the 50's - unheard of for January - or any winter month. I have yet to wear my heavy winter coat.

I am loving it but my ice fishing boys are NOT happy at all.
They have a new wheel house and the ice is too thin for a heavy house.
They have been walking out on the ice and fishing
on a bucket - wearing sweatshirts.
I myself will not even walk on the ice.
I want a foot of ice before I venture out.

I just completed my Valentines line for 2013.
I have named it Flirt.

Soft grays, a soft, almost minty blue, a warm orangy red
and coral pink make up the color pallet.

A peak at the panel

and a few of the prints.
This will ship December 2012.

I will be participating in Fat Quarter's
2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month,
so be sure to check it out.
I hope you will join the fun!

And when you participate in Fat Quarter's BOM
you receive this in the mail.

When you open it you see this.
It is a box filled with brownies - all different
flavors - like white chocolate raspberry, cream cheese,
caramel, chocolate chip and walnut.
What's not to enjoy.
And I am now wearing my fat jeans!

May all your days be sweet.

From my heart,