Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sizzln' Hot - Is it 4-H Dress Review Day?

Heat index of 105 plus 98 percent humidity...Must be 4-H Dress review Day.

I was a member of the Middletown Livewires 4-H club.

I belonged to this club for 10 years.

Sewing was one of my projects for all 10 years.

Waaaay back then it was different then it is now.
You had to actually sew your garment.
Today they can purchase a garment
because evidently the old way discriminated
against those who could not sew.
Hello - we took 4-H sewing to LEARN how to sew.

Your garments were judged on construction and fit.

In order to judge the garment on fit we all had to model our garments.
This modeling always took place right before the county fair.
You could always count on 4-H dress review day as being the hottest day of the summer.
The modeling was held at Lakefield Minnesota's grade school with NO air-conditioning.
I still can remember the smell of pressed cloth as you enter the building.

We had all summer to make our garment but for some reason
I always procrastinated until the very last minute.
It was summer and I always could find better things to do
than sew on a WOOL garment during the hot days of summer
with NO air-conditioning in the house.
We would often sit out on the shaded front steps to do our pinning or handwork.

But that was painful too because we lived on a road
that was a shortcut to Big Spirit Lake - a favorite swimming spot.
My friends would go by and honk as I sweat in a sea of wool.

The night before dress review day we always ended up staying up most of the night finishing our garment.

We then would pile in the old 66 Chevy with NO air-conditioning and travel the 15 miles to Lakefield with wool on our lap as we of course were sewing on the last hook and eye or button or something - getting car sick along the way.

Each category of girls - beginner, junior and advanced had a set time to model their garments.

You then entered the room one at a time and did your modeling in front of a panel of judges.

At the end all of the girls came in and walked round and round in a big circle while the judges made their decision - in NO air-conditioning - in WOOL.

The walking around in a circle was just a formality - the judges had already chosen Susan Shearer. Susan ALWAYS won - not that she did not deserve it but really did we have to walk in circles forever just for show?

I wonder what Susan is doing theses days - does she make her living sewing?
She also had a fabulous flip.

Sadly we do not have any pictures of me in any of my 4-H outfits. I suppose it was because we were always finishing the outfit in the car.
Back then the first year sewing members had to make a gathered skirt. You did not use a pattern. You had to pull threads in the fabric for your cut lines. This was such a nasty experience. I really am amazed I didn't quit after that little lesson.

My second year I made this dress. I used 1/2" blue gingham
for the yoke and sleelves and plain blue fabric for the skirt.

I made this out of a red/hunter green hopsacking plaid
with green ball buttons.
I had hunter green patent leather shoes to match.
Loved those shoes!

This little number was made out of gold knit.
I really never liked this dress.

This was made out brown jersey knit.
Knit was really big back then.
Mine had two pockets, was top stitched
with gold thread and had gold buttons down the front.

This pants suit was made out of red and cream wool plaid
similar to the plaid in the picture of the girl in the ad above.
I received a purple ribbon on this outfit.
I made a cream colored polyester double knit blouse
and a red wool bow tie to wear with it.

Polyester, wool and a bow tie … can you think of anything that could be more hot?

Here's hoping you can find a cool spot to do some sewing on this very hot day.

From my heart,
P.S. The winner of the Twenty-Five Years of Blizzards post is Maria. Maria please email me your address so I can send you your prize.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twenty-five Years of Blizzards

We have a winner for this post. Maria you are the winner. Please email me your address so I can send you your prize.
Twenty-five years of blizzards.

And I don't mean a snowstorm, although here in Iowa

I am sure we have had at least one blizzard a year for the last twenty-five years.

I mean the Dairy Queen Blizzard, which is celebrating it's 25th birthday.

Today my seamstresses are here proofing patterns - a tedious job that we really dislike.
It was decided that a Mini Blizzard would really make the task seem less tedious.
Today Dairy Queen will donate $1.00 to the Childrens' Miracle Network for every Blizzard sold- another reason to have a blizzard.

My favorite Blizzard flavor is Pecan Cluster.
Sandy and Lori opted for Butterfinger.
What is your favorite flavor?

Isn't this just adorable.
And half the calories - you gotta love it.

Tell me your favorite flavor in a comment.
All comments with a favorite flavor will be put in a drawing.
The winner will win an Awesome Charm Pack™ and an Acorn Alley pattern.

I grew up in Jackson Minnesota.
Coming into town from the south there was a tiny little Dairy Queen.
Sadly I could not find a picture of the old Jackson Dairy Queen
but it looked kind of like this.
My sister Brenda could never figure out
how the people got into the Dairy Queen…
Did they really crawl through the tiny little order window?
She was sure they did for there was no door - at least not one that she could see.

It was such a treat to stop at the Dairy Queen.
At that time you could buy a cone for a nickel.

One of my favorite treats as a child
was the Buster Bar - oooh I loved that chocolate fudge middle.
Sometimes I would get brain freeze.

Once a year our school bus would stop
at the Dairy Queen on our way out of town.
I am sure that would not be permitted these days.
Sure glad I grew up in the day were a school bus stopping
at a Dairy Queen was okay.

Now go treat yourself to a Mini Blizzard - Childrens' Miracle Network will appreciate it.

From my heart,