Monday, June 22, 2009

Crazy 8

Get your hat, mittens and boots, grab your purse - (well maybe not your hat, mittens and boots) and go to your nearest quilt shop because my Christmas fabric is in quilt shops now.

This line of fabric was especially fun to paint out, Each of the little reindeer took on their own personality as I painted them out.

This little guy is my favorite. Is he shy and innocent - or has he just done something naughty???

Is this one thinking - Oh dear, have I added one too many accessories???
Which one is your favorite?

I have designed patterns for the panel and each of the pre-cuts.

Panel pattern using the large part of the panel

Panel pattern using the small part of the panel

Charm Pack™ pattern

Jelly Roll™/Dessert Roll™ Pattern

Honey Bun™ pattern

Layer Cake™ pattern

Turnover™ pattern

Dessert Roll™ pattern.

Do you find any of these patterns or fabrics tempting? If so get on down to your local quilt shop.

Get started today - there are 187 days before Christmas. Certainly in that amount of time you can get some or all of these quilts done.????

Merry Christmas!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Go to Jan's Blog

I am glad so many of you are guessing what year we were married. Just making it clear that to be eligible for Jan's drawing, you have to go to Jan's Blog to make a guess.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jan's Contest

Many of you are guessing what year we were married. (The brown tux and ruffled shirt are your clues.) Jan Patek is having a contest on her blog to guess our wedding year. Check it out. People guessing the correct year will be eligable for a drawing to win a Harmony Jelly Roll or Layer Cake - How fun is that!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Name

The question I am asked most often? How do you pronounce your last name?

I was born on January 15th 19??. My given name is Sandra Kay Fisher.
I never had to pronounce it. Never had to spell it.

Along about 6th grade I thought it would be way cooler to be Sandy, so I started signing my school papers Sandy Fisher. (All of my family still calls me Sandra.) Still never had to pronounce it. Never had to spell it. (nice hair!)

Then I married my dear husband Bruce Gervais. (Nice shirt - What was I thinking????) Can you guess the year that we were married?

Gervais - pronounced Jer-vay. Yes the "s" is silent. It is French.

Now whenever I say my name it is followed by this lingo - Gervais - G as in George e, r, - V as in Victor a, i - S as in Sam.

And even still this is what I see on my mail.









There are more but I do not want to bore you - but possibly you are already way past boredom.

When we make reservations at a restaurant we just use our first names - or Smith or Johnson - it is just easier.

Now you know.

From my heart,

Sandy Gervais G as in George - e, r - V as in Victor a, i - S as in Sam.