Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cross Eyed

No blogging - no facebooking???
There is a reason why I have been MIA.
I have had my nose one inch from my computer screen for the last 2 weeks generating my 2014 Fall and Christmas patterns.
Generating quilts on the computer is much like making a real quilt. Each strike-off - these are kind of like proofs - is scanned. I then use these scans as my "fabric". I  have to cut every piece. Sometimes I have to "piece" the scans to get a large enough piece. If there are appliqués the templates have to be made and I have to cut out the appliqué. When all that is done I will  "stitch" it all together. The one thing you do not have to do on generated quilts is press.
Below is a snippet of the generated quilts from each of the groups.
This is just a tease...these patterns will not ship until May and June of 2014.

Patterns for my Fall line Hello Fall.

Patterns for my Christmas line Pine Fresh.

When we receive the actual fabric we will then make the real quilts.

Hopefully by then my eyes will be uncrossed and back to normal.

Happy belated Thanksgiving.

And now I am off to do some Christmas decorating.

From my heart,