Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blog Hop Reminder

Just a quick reminder to let you know that the Moda Country Fair blog hop will soon be starting.

Mark you calendars - you won't want to miss it.
September 6th - October 2nd

Myself and 26 other Moda designer will be blogging during this hop.
No need to wear your fat pants as we will not be not be serving anything on a stick. Instead of food we will be serving up FREE projects. Each designer has designed a project to feature on her blog day. That is a total of 27 FREE projects… all with no calories and no fat - gotta love it.

I will be blogging on day 1 of the hop.
See you Tuesday, September 6th right here at Pieces From My Heart for the Moda Country Fair Blog Hop.

Leave your fat pants at home.
From my heart,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New, New and More New

I see over at the Minick and Simpson blog that Laurie is apologizing for taking such a long blog break.
She had not blogged for EIGHT days. Oh my they really make me look bad. But I have to believe if you are still following my blog you have come to accept the fact that I am a once a month blogger. I try for once every two weeks….sigh….but time just gets away.
I certainly have not been sitting here idle.
I have been crazy busy creating new product for you to buy.
In fact when I came to work this morning this is what my calendar said.

Yep too busy to change the page.

I am now caught up.

(With the calendar part - not my todo list.)

Here are some of the things that have been keeping me busy.

I designed my 2012 Christmas line.

I named it Merry Medley.

A large paisley is the signature print.

I didn't get a picture of the panel but it consists
of 8 Christmas motifs set on a music note background.

Made Reindeer Games quilts -

my seamstresses helped me with this one.

Wrote, proofed, printed, bagged patterns for Reindeer Games Quilts.

A pattern for 4 Christmas place mats.
#527 Eat. Drink. Be Merry

This year it was decided that I would do a 20 piece Halloween

and a 20 piece Fall line of fabric.

Normally I do a 40 piece group of either Fall or Halloween.

The fall line.

This line features the wonderful warm colors of fall.

The Halloween line is called Monster Bash.

As you can see I originally named it Fun-omenal Fall

but it was decided that Phenomenal Fall and Fun-omenal Fall

would be too confusing.

A sneak peek of the panel.

Some of the prints.

We proofed, printed, collated, spiral bound

and shipped the Easy Peasy Books.

We are selling the little wooden flower pots and some spools

needed for some of the projects in this book.

Go to my website and check it out under Supplies.

Pillow featured in Easy Peasy book.

The bowl that these tomatoes are sitting in
is actually a quarter cup measuring cup.
So the tomatoes are pretty little.
Find the instructions for these mini tomatoes
in the Easy Peasy book.

Mr. Brown dropped off some boxes full of this.

It's Sassy.

Remember when I blog about this line

and I stated that you would have a hard time

piecing the panel into a quilt.

This is why.

The panel for this line is actually a pre-printed apron.

The apron comes in blue or black.

I am now computer generating quilts using this fabric.

I must confess… I had help doing many of the above things.

Thanks to a great staff. I could never do all of this without them

And the last item under new business is the Moda Country Fair Blog Hop.

Myself and 26 other Moda designers will be

blogging starting Tuesday September 6th.

I will be the first blogger.

All of us have designed a small project for you to make.

It should be fun.

Come join use on Tuesday September 6th.

Remember staying busy is better than sitting idle.

From my heart,