Tuesday, April 17, 2012


With the unseasonably warm Iowa weather, the lake season started earlier than usual this year.
There were boats out on the lake in March - unheard of for Iowa.
We have be wanting a greeter for our little lake cabin.
Someone to stand under the big oak tree by the front door to greet people.
Since the season has already started I thought I better get to searching for that perfect person.

I ran an ad in the local newspaper.
A greeter to welcome people to our lake cabin.
Must be cheerful and friendly.
Must be neatly dressed and have a good sense of fashion.
Must enjoy the outdoors.
Sunscreen and bug spray will be provided.

We received quite a few applications.
We rejected quite a few before we found just the right person.

I had one applicant come to the interview carrying a set of golf clubs and wearing golf shoes.

Obviously she would rather be golfing.

I had a duo apply - with one you got the other.

I have two grand dogs - Labradors -

I don't need any more doggie doo doo in my yard.


Another applicant came roaring in on two wheels.

Hell raiser.


Although I never specified whether we

wanted a male or a female, I only received one male applicant.

Can you say grumpy old man.


I had one who was really trying to play the fashion card.


Well she is right on with the color trends...

but did she break the one or two or

three too many accessories rule???


I even had someone apply who was driving a pink Cadillac.

Hmmm...I wondered - if we were gone for a weekend...

would there be some sort of a wild party going on at the cabin??


I was about to give up when Lola applied.

I liked the fact that she knew that wearing

a pretty blue hat would enhance her very blue eyes.

And who could refuse that cute pug nose and that big welcoming smile.

She wore a classic knife pleated skirt

in a very age appropriate length to the interview.

Just the right length to show off her long lean legs.

She was also wearing my favorite color - red.

And she has a purpose in life - to re-purpose.


Lola now hangs out under the old oak tree

greeting everyone who comes to the cabin.

Go find something to re-purpose and have some fun!

From my heart,