Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Perfect Apple

Since my last blog I have been trying very hard to eat an apple a day instead of caramel corn or puppy chow.
However sometimes I have found reasons to celebrate - And in my book celebrating by eating an apple is NOT celebrating.

Reasons I have found to celebrate:
•One day my jeans did not feel so tight... so I celebrated... with a bag of caramel corn.
•The day I finished my fall line of fabric... I had to celebrate... with a bag of puppy chow.
•It was Friday... so I had to celebrate...with a bag of caramel corn.

Hmmm I really need to quit celebrating with sweets and stick to an apple or the wool coat at my son's wedding will be a must!

Then I discovered the perfect apple.

Just look at these.

Have you ever seen such a yummy looking apple?
You can buy them at The Chocolate Season.
There are ten different kinds.
You can have a different kind of apple every day of the week!

Life is good….I think I will celebrate...with the perfect apple.

Have a sweet day.

From my heart,