Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have You Seen This Man

Hello everyone. Today I am asking your help in locating…

this man.

His name is Mr. Brown. Last seen wearing…

a brown shirt, brown pants, brown, socks and brown shoes.

Known to be driving….

A brown box truck….

With this logo. Thought to be carrying brown packages….

with white labels with the words Moda Fabric written in blue.

These packages are thought to contain…

this fabric.

In various prints of colors of bronze, walnut, brick red and teal.

If you know the whereabouts of this man, truck, packages

and or fabric please call 1-800-FINDFAB.

This fabric is scheduled to be shown at International Quilt Market.

We need to locate this fabric as soon as possible

as market is just a little more than a month away.


Although we may be waiting for fabric, we certainly are not sitting idle.

We have the Grand Finale patterns to correct, print,

bag and ship out to our quilt shop owners.

Yes the fall fabrics will be shipping in May!

We have been busy making several projects for new market pattern releases.

I had to design the Moda Market School House block.

I am not sure of all of the details of the Moda schoolhouse.

I do know that the Moda designers will all be participating

and each has designed a block. I have heard the word

"freebie hand out" mentioned.

We each had to submit a recipe - so maybe a recipe book??

Food, Fabric and Freebie...what a great combination.

Hope to see all of you shop owners at the Moda Schoolhouse.

The theme for the Moda booth this year is a County Fair.

Since I was a 4-H member for 10 years I am very familiar with County Fairs.
I have been conjuring up all kinds of ideas

for my market booth with a County Fair theme.

Here is hoping you are not waiting for fabric, but using fabric.

If you see Mr. Brown please let us know.

From my heart, Sandy

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Abby - Happy Spring

My oh my, it is hard to believe that our

Dear Abby….

is 29 years old today!
Still styln' in funky glasses.

We all met in Des Moines for a birthday dinner celebration.
I remembered my camera - but the battery was dead - again!
I wish my camera has some sort of warning system that the battery is about to go dead.
I had used it right before we left for Des Moines and no dead battery then.

I made this crazy shoe for Abby - Abby loves shoes more than I do - if that is possible.
To avoid the flood in my inbox.
I will tell you a little about this re-purposed shoe.
It is an antique shoe last.

The heel is an old doorstop

The vamp strap was pocket trim that I had taken off of a pair of jeans.
(I do not wear sequins on my butt!)
The bling is two earrings and a pin from the thrift shop.
The heel strap is a piece of saved ribbon.

She plans on setting it on her desk and putting her business cards in the V of the last.
She has a new job as a Wellness Coordinator for Easter Seals.
Abby's Birthday means...Spring has arrived.
We received a nice rain last night which usually pulls the frost out of the ground.
And that means things will soon be turning green. Yippee!

Needing to wear your rain boots is a sure sign of spring.
Abby's new rain boots
They are so Abby.
Even her rain boots have heels!

The robins have arrived..

another sign that Spring is here.

Happy Spring everyone.

From my heart,

Friday, March 11, 2011

Gloomy or Bright?

Hello all,
Is it gloomy or bright in your corner of the world? Unfortunately, it is still winter here in Iowa. It is brown, gray and gloomy. My only escape from the gloom was the fact that for the past two weeks I have been painting out a bright and cheery line of fabric.

I cut flowers out of the color swatches to brighten up the dull atmosphere.

I have named the colors:
Watermelon, Orange Crush, Key Lime Pie,
Blueberry Slush, Licorice and Vanilla Cream.
I must say they do brighten up my little corner of the world.

I have named the line Sassy.

A lot of painting.
My fingers still hurt…

or did I mean my toes???

Here is a sneak peek of the panel.
It also comes with a blue background.
This panel has a different twist from the rest of my panels.
Most of my panels can be incorporated into a quilt.
You would have to be very creative to
incorporate this into a quilt.
I'm just say'n.
And that is all I will tell you.
Stay tuned.
Unfortunately, it will be a year before you
know as this fabric will ship March 2012.

Hope your day is anything but dull, gray and gloomy.

From my heart,