Saturday, November 21, 2020

 Oh Happy Day

Today is my day to be featured on the Riley Blake Designs Virtual Market Facebook page.

Here is the link to the page group -you must join the group to be able to participate.

A video featuring my Oh Happy Day line of fabric will air at 5:45 p.m. MST on the Riley Blake Designs Virtual Market Facebook page.

I love bright sunny days., they make me oh so happy! This line of fabric consists of bright cheery colors and happy sayings.

All of my fabric lines can be seen here

The panel features inspirational saying and cheater blocks.

The little triangles on the shoo fly block are only about 1/2"- Aren't you glad it is a cheater!

This fabric will be shipping in February.

I cut the panel apart and pieced the blocks into this sampler quilt.

So when you subtract out all of the pre-printed blocks in the is the quilt, there really are not that many blocks to make!

The pattern is #737 Oh Happy Day and will be available in February.

Next up is pattern #738 Flutterby.

This quilt has tons of movement and is made using a 10" Oh Happy Day Stacker.

And the last pattern is #739 Sew Good.

The pattern includes both projects. You can make both projects with one 10" Oh Happy Day Stacker.

All these patterns will be available in February.

Fun prints in clear colors of red, green, blue, yellow, and black.

You can find a storyboard with all of the fabrics here

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I hope you have enjoyed the little preview of my next fabric line.
I will post more closer to the time of the fabric shipping to stores.
Have a happy day!

Friday, November 20, 2020

From the Heart


Today is my day to be featured on the Riley Blake Designs Virtual Market Facebook page.

Here is the link to the group -you must join the group to be able to participate.

A video featuring my From the Heart line of fabric will air at 3:00 p.m. MST on the Riley Blake Designs Virtual Market Facebook page.

Bruce and I just celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary. Quite often the hubby writes little notes and tapes them to my mirror. These little notes were the inspiration for this line of fabric. All of my fabric lines start out with pencil drawings of images that I would like to include on the panel. These drawings are eventually filled with colors. Although this time I decided to leave them as drawing much like the little notes that my husband leaves me.


The panel features four larger 8" blocks and twelve 4" love note blocks.
I designed 3 patterns using this line of fabric.

This pattern is #734 From the Heart.

There are two projects in this pattern.

This one features the large squares from the panel. 

One of the little notes from the hubby.

I like it so much I had to frame it.

It sets on my desk.

This one features the small squares from the panel.
Two projects for the price of one!

#735 Red White and Just Right

I love a red and white quilt!

Love the border on this one.

#736 On Top Of It
This pattern features 4 quick and easy table toppers.
You can make all four projects with one From the Heart 10" Stacker!

The line consists of red and white print some with a valentine theme and 

some great timeless prints.

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Stop back tomorrow when I blog about my next line of fabric Oh Happy Day.
This line will also be featured on the Riley Blake Designs Virtual Market Facebook page at 5:45 p.m.

Happy quilting,

Thursday, August 6, 2020

COVID 19 Sewing Project

Long before I ever made a quilt I sewed clothing. My mother taught me to sew starting at age 8 when I joined the local 4-H club. I was in sewing for all 10 years that I belonged to 4-H. I wish I had more time to sew clothing but fabric designing, pattern writing, and quilt making take up most of my time. However, while we were in COVID lockdown this spring I decided to do some garment making to pass along the long COVID nights.
I don't know why but I have a problem getting rid of my old jeans. I have no problem taking my other garments to goodwill but for some reason, I hang onto jeans. Consequently, I have a whole box of jeans. Since we were in lockdown and stores were closed I had to make do with what I had for fabric. After sorting through my many pairs of jeans I decided that I would make a jean jacket out of my jeans. (I know that is not much of a creative stretch...)

I used this vintage pattern. I find that vintage patterns fit so much better than the patterns of today. I am especially drawn to the patterns from the late sixties to the early seventies. This particular pattern is dated 1965. Some day I would like to make this dress and jacket. So Jackie looking.
I started by deconstructing the jeans that I thought would work for the various parts of the jacket.

I used a waistband off of one of my favorite pairs of jeans for the collar. I kept the belt loops and left them hang loose.

I took the hem out of one of my wider legged pair of jeans and used them for the 3/4 length sleeves. I used the little fifth pocket on one of the sleeves.
I used a front pocket from the same favorite jeans that I used for the collar and added it to one of the shoulders.

I had to "borrow" a pair of my hubby's jeans for the main back piece as none of my jeans were wide enough. (I'm sure … well pretty sure they were a pair he no longer wears.) The seam down the back of the jacket is the side seam of the jeans leg. I also used the waistband from his jeans for the bottom of my jacket, again leaving the belt loops attached and hanging loose. The side seams I topstitched using a gold jean topstitching thread.

The pockets of that same pair of favorite jeans were lined with fabric that had feel beautiful printed on it. I cut out one of the feel beautiful sections and sewed it to the waistband.

I used the belt loops from that same pair of my favorite jeans and sewed them down the front of the jacket. These jeans had a double set of belt loops. There were bigger belt loops and under them were smaller belt loops to accommodate a wide belt and a narrow belt. I never knew this about these jeans until I took them apart. I never wore a belt with them. The gold zig-zag strip down the other side of the jacket came from the inseam of the hubby's jeans.

I found this great pair of wide-leg jeans from Anthropologie to go with my jacket. (No I do not get a kickback from Antropologie...I wish.)

Do any of you out there do garment sewing? What are your go-to shops/websites for buying garment fabric?  I collect vintage patterns, especially from the sixties and seventies. Are there any vintage pattern collectors out there? 

Today I am the featured designer on Riley Blake Designs Instagram. Check it out  @rileyblakedesigns. I also will be having a give away on my Instagram page @gervaissandy. Go to my page and follow the instructions to be eligible to win 12 patterns from my 3 latest lines of fabric. This is a retail value of $142.50! Don't miss out on this!

I hope you have a day of doing what you love to do.

From my heart,

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Virtual Quilt Market Spring 2020

Over an intercom, you hear: International Quilt Market is now open. Well, that is what you would hear if we were actually at quilt market.
Many things are different in our world today and that includes a new way of having a market without actually having a market - virtual quilt market.
It's a good thing this is a virtual market as my hair is long (and gray) my nails need attention and I have no new market clothes. Like everywhere everything was closed. Here in Iowa, we are just starting to open up.
Today I will be sharing with you two of my upcoming lines of fabric that I have designed for Riley Blake Designs.

The first line is Give Thanks.
I have a love-hate relationship with Fall.
I love the beautiful colors and the cooler days but hate the fact that summer is gone and winter is near. (Not a fan of winter!)

This line features a panel with large give thanks wording surrounded by fall images.

This little snail sitting on the loop of the letter G in the give thanks wording is just too cute.

A few of the prints from the line.
Love the large print with the pumpkins.
You can never go wrong with pumpkins!
Below are the patterns I designed using this fabric.

This pattern uses the panel.

Casual Friday because on Friday witches don't wear black  - they wear pretty print dresses.
You can make all 3 projects with just one 10" Stacker.
I used Sandy's Textures (a Riley Blake Designs Basic) for the black backgrounds.

Fabulous Fall is a block of the month pattern.

It is also available as a kit from Riley Blake Designs.
Isn't the kit box just fabulous!

Turkey Trot  - a fun table runner for your Thanksgiving table.
This pattern uses a Give Thanks 5" Stacker.

We just spent a long holiday weekend at our lake cabin with the kids and grandkids.
We had tons of fun.

All of this lake fun was the inspiration for my new kid's line of fabric Ready, Set, Splash.

 This quilt pattern uses the blue colorway of the panel.

This quilt pattern uses the coral colorway of the panel.
This is a FREE pattern through Riley Blake Designs when you order the panel.

This pattern uses a Fat Quarter bundle for the flags and applique.
The white caps and waves are prairie points so they are dimensional.

What fish does not want to be accepted into this academy?
It looks like a few elite frogs were accepted too.
This pattern is made with a  Ready, Set, Splash  5" Stacker.

I love that this quilt does not scream baby but certainly works in a baby's room.
I used a Ready, Set, Splash fat quarter bundle to make this quilt.

I love the simplicity of this quilt.
I used a Ready, Set, Splash 2" Rollie Pollie to make this quilt.

Both Ready, Set, Splash and Give Thanks patterns and fabric will be shipping July.

It is now 4:00 on Sunday - last day of market. Over the intercom, there is this announcement:
Internation Quilt Market is now closed - see you in the fall in Houston.

We are looking forward to brighter days ahead and seeing you all in Houston in the fall.
Stay safe!
From my heart,