Monday, June 13, 2011

Peonies for Pearl

What is you favorite flower? I have many.
Lilly of the Valley I think is my all time favorite.
They are so tiny and cute.

I found this little jug in an antique shop.

I bought it with Lilly of the Valley in mind

I have always wanted to see a bridal bouquet of Lilly of the valley.
I had never seen one until Ms. Kate Middleton used them in her bouquet.

Loved that bouquet!

She placed it on the grave of the Unknown Warrior
inside of Westminster Abbey.
What a nice touch.

Lilacs - is there anything more fragrant than Lilacs?

And they bring back memories of my Grammie.

I also love peonies. Growing up the neighbors had a row of dark
Fuchsia peonies lining their curved driveway.
Pearl (the neighbor) passed away this winter,
leaving my mother with no one to call.
She and Pearl called each other almost daily.
I don't know of two ladies who exchanged recipes back and forth
more than Pearl and my Mom.
Here is one of their conversations.
Mom: Pearl could I have the recipe for your refrigerator sweet pickles.
Pearl: Just a minute I will get it….Here it is….Millie's Refrigerator Sweet Pickles….
My mother's name is Millie.
Yep Pearl's sweet pickle recipe was Mom's sweet pickle recipe.

Now when I pick a bouquet of peonies I will think of my mom's
good friend Pearl and her beautiful row of peonies.
May she rest in peace... among peonies.

Pick a bouquet of your favorite flowers and deliver them to a friend.

From my heart,