Monday, June 13, 2011

Peonies for Pearl

What is you favorite flower? I have many.
Lilly of the Valley I think is my all time favorite.
They are so tiny and cute.

I found this little jug in an antique shop.

I bought it with Lilly of the Valley in mind

I have always wanted to see a bridal bouquet of Lilly of the valley.
I had never seen one until Ms. Kate Middleton used them in her bouquet.

Loved that bouquet!

She placed it on the grave of the Unknown Warrior
inside of Westminster Abbey.
What a nice touch.

Lilacs - is there anything more fragrant than Lilacs?

And they bring back memories of my Grammie.

I also love peonies. Growing up the neighbors had a row of dark
Fuchsia peonies lining their curved driveway.
Pearl (the neighbor) passed away this winter,
leaving my mother with no one to call.
She and Pearl called each other almost daily.
I don't know of two ladies who exchanged recipes back and forth
more than Pearl and my Mom.
Here is one of their conversations.
Mom: Pearl could I have the recipe for your refrigerator sweet pickles.
Pearl: Just a minute I will get it….Here it is….Millie's Refrigerator Sweet Pickles….
My mother's name is Millie.
Yep Pearl's sweet pickle recipe was Mom's sweet pickle recipe.

Now when I pick a bouquet of peonies I will think of my mom's
good friend Pearl and her beautiful row of peonies.
May she rest in peace... among peonies.

Pick a bouquet of your favorite flowers and deliver them to a friend.

From my heart,


  1. I have lilies of the valley, love them and did not know they were used in that special bouquet! I also have and love peonies and they remind me of my Aunt Pearl who lived the next farm over and had them lining her curved driveway! Thanks for bringing up some great memories. I'm going to go pick some peonies for a friend.

  2. We have peonies that same color at the end of our driveway, but I don't pick them for indoors...too many ants! The ants just love them and I read somewhere that the flowers need the ants to eat off all the sticky goop on the flowers before they can bloom. We just look at them and love them!

    Everyone should have at least one friend like your mom and Pearl had in each other.


  3. I LOVE Hydrangeas! LOVE EM! Unfortunately since leaving WA state I have been unsuccessful in growing them. sigh.

  4. Beautiful ... post, story, and pictures. Thank you for sharing!! My favorite flower is the carnation ... love the sweet spicey scent and the multitude of petals. Close second is the peony ... remind me of vintage English Roses. Since I couldn't bring my friend a bunch of flowers today from my yard, believe it or not, I actually had telaflora deliver them. Thank you so much for your share today. Blessings to you and yours!!

  5. We have Peonies, Hydrangeas, lilies, and annuals galore. I love color and cut flower gardens. My favorite is a Zinnia though.....

  6. The smell of peonies and lilacs is the best in the world. I dug up pieces of both from my mom's yard after she passed away. They remind me so much of her.

  7. Lilies of the Valley are beautiful--I don't think they grow out here in the west. I loved Kate's "shield" style bouquet, so sweet and pretty. Lilacs and peonies, beautiful. What a loss for your mom--but how wonderful all her memories with Pearl.

  8. Love peonies, lily of the valley and lilacs -- geraniums, fuschia, impatiens, vinca, azalea, lavendar, day lilies... Come take a look at my blog and you will see all (except the lilacs). This is such a lovely post -- can you share Pearl's pickle recipe? :-)

  9. What a beautiful post! One of my favorite childhood memories is the peony bush by our front door and the lilac hedge in our backyard. To this day when I smell lilacs I'm instantly transported back home. Thanks for bringing up some great memories

  10. Right now my little corner of the world is in the fragrance of abundant gardenias and magnolias. Sure makes mowing the grass a pleasure - it there is such a thing. I did not know about the bridal bouquet - thanks for that. Judy C sends you warm and fragrant wishes from NC

  11. Sandy,
    Thank you for the beautiful tribute to your mom and Pearl's friendship. I remember my grandma mourning the loss of her friend, Bonita. She said, "That was my last friend." They called each other every day and prayed for one another. I suppose one of the sad parts of living a long life is saying good byes.
    Now I have a shoot of my grandma's peony bush growing, and I hope to see it bloom this week. I'm grateful for the blessing of good memories beautifully linking cherished people to their flowers.

  12. I always love to read your blog. Next to the post about 70's fashions, I love this one the best.

  13. My mother in law had lilly of the valley in her wedding bouquet in 1949 and it is still her favorite flower.....mine is definitely peonies!

    Loved the royal wedding didn't you? so classes!

    Happy Sewing