Monday, July 11, 2011

What are the Odds?

What do you think the odds are of dropping your diamond wedding ring in a lake and finding it?
One in a million?

This past 4th of July holiday was spent at our cabin with family and friends.
The weather was beautiful and most of our time was spent on the lake, in the lake or sitting by the lake.

Anthony and Deb have two labs who LOVE coming to the lake.
The dogs also spent the whole weekend on the lake, in the lake or sitting by the lake.
This last trip to the lake Juno discovered a little ledge along the pier that she can stand on and just hang out in the water…

waiting for someone to play catch with her.
(She never has to wait long.)

Daughter-in-law Deb and her mother were heading out for a peddle boat ride. Abby and I had just finished a ride.
As they were pushing off the pier I remembered I had left my shirt in the boat.
I asked Deb to throw it to me.
She kindly obliged and as she did her ring come off of her finger and dropped into the lake - in chest deep water.
The boat ride was quickly abandoned and Abby and Deb started looking for the ring.
This time of the year the lake is not crystal clear.
They come up with nothing.
Deb declares that she needs a fifth grader.
A fifth grader?
Yes they can hold their breath forever and pick anything up out of the pool.
(I am thinking...but never said it out loud… yes in a crystal clear swimming pool with a smooth cement bottom.)
We had called the neighbor across the lake to bring his underwater camera.
He happened to bring along his son Jacob.
Jacob just finished fifth grade.
The camera battery was dead.
Deb did not want to waste time waiting for the camera to charge so it was decided that the fifth grader would look for the ring while the battery was charging.
3 dives later he came up with the ring.

The odds are probably one in a million...but somebody has to be the one in the one in a million.

It was Deb's day to be the one…

and Jacob's day to be a humble hero.

Hope you are having a "things are going your way" kind of day.

From my heart,


  1. That is THE BEST family story!

    Jacob will be telling it to his own kids. :)

  2. oh heart happy you found a fifth grader...well, officially a sixth

  3. Love your story! And actually, we know friends that the newlywed dil lost her ring in a lake, and the groom searched for 2 hours and found it. Love triumphs!

  4. What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Hope that fifth grader was rewarded with his favorite ice cream or something super special! :-)

  5. I don't know who is more adorable, the dog or Jacob!

  6. Great things come in small packages, like diamond rings and 5th grade boys :)

    My cousin proposed to his wife on the beach in SoCalif and the ring dropped off her finger into the sand as they were walking at sunset. He and his wife and friends he called searched for hours and hours--at night! and finally, miraculously--found it. If he'd had Jacob nearby the search could have ended much earlier :)

  7. Great summer story--thanks for sharing this!

    Elizabeth E.

  8. Juno makes are very cute picture!

    Jacob is our HERO..... and makes a very cute picture as well.

  9. I love that story! Fifth graders are amazing!!

  10. What a story! And what a great hero! :-)

  11. Here's to happy endings! That is a great story and one your family will remember forever. Jacob earned the title of hero! Thanks for sharing!

  12. My sister had a ruby bracelet tht she wore every day - never took it off. She passed away and left the bracelet to me. I wore it daily - never took it off. Until I discovered it was simply gone. Didn't have a clue where it was. Tore the house apart but couldn't find it. Neeedless to say, I was devestated. About 3 months later, my son came into the house from the garage. "Mom, did you drop this?" He was holding my sister's bracelet - it was under the fridge in the garage! Kids are GREAT for finding lost things. Way to go Jacob!!

  13. What a happy ending! Thank you for sharing that story.

  14. Oh my gosh. She is one lucky girl! That is an amazing story. I bet the odds are more than 1 in a million!

  15. What a great story. Jacob really is a hero.

  16. Amazing!!!

  17. Fabulous story.........and they lived happily ever after.

  18. Yea Jacob! Wonderful story. We lost a small object in a river once. My son found it after a couple of dives. It was almost clear colored, so it was really amazing that it was found. On the same trip, one of the other kids lost a red sneaker - we never that! go figure.
    So happy all ended well.

  19. I have lost (and found) TWO stones, from TWO rings on TWO different cruise ships. I credit the prayers to St. Anthony for finding the star sapphire (from my 16th birthday ring from my parents) on the "disco" floor the day after I lost it, and my mothers diamond from her engagement ring, in my POCKET, of all places. No more jewelry on cruises for me!

  20. That was the greatest feel good story I've heard in a long time!
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. What a great story - I could have used Jacob in 1998 when I lost my wedding ring while snorkeling in the beautiful waters off Maui. Never found it...guess there's a fish with a very nice diamond ring.

  22. Oh, every time I read a story like this, I wish that somehow my lost wedding ring would return to me. It slipped off my finger on a cold winter night several years ago. I should have been wearing gloves and it would not have happened. At least if it never returns to me, I do hope someone found it and enjoys wearing it. :-) It's good to have a Jacob in the family. My grandson is Jacob and is now a sixth grader who provides computer expertise to me. :-)

  23. Great job Jacob!! He is going to have a great story to tell when he returns to school.

  24. How wonderful! I will have to remember that I need to find a fifth grader if I ever lose anything!

  25. Ahhh what a great story. Good work Jacob!!!

  26. My husband took off a glove while fishing and lost his wedding ring in Lake Tannecomo....on our first anniversary. And NOT a fifth grader in sight!

  27. My brother-in-law would like to borrow your fifth grader - his ring is at the bottom of Okoboji as of the 4th.

  28. What a hero! We (hubby and I) take ours off before getting around any water, just for this reason.

  29. Awesome story! I'm so glad the ring was found and Jacob was there to find it!