Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fat Quarter's 2015 Designer Mystery BOM

Hello and welcome to Fat Quarter's 2015 Designer Mystery BOM blog hop.

Myself and 11 other Moda designers/design teams will be blogging today.

This year's mystery quilt features different town/building blocks. To tie in with this theme the fine people over at Fat Quarters asked us this question. “Out of all the places you’ve visited, which place is your favorite?”  My favorite is NYC without a doubt.

I love everything about the city. I love that you can walk into a retail store and not only find cool things to buy but see other cool things that might be part of a display or just part of the building.

 Like a very interesting floor made out of pennies. 

Or an interesting tile display in a store - the tile are not for sale. We were told that they have been hanging there as long as the shop owner could remember.

Or a sign made out of mannequin arms and legs.

You can be walking along and a flea market breaks out right in the middle of the street.

You can find all kinds of cool things at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market
One of these years while the DH is on one of his fishing or golf trips I want to rent someone's apartment in the garment district for about 10 days and do nothing but shop garment fabric by day and sew garments by night.
How fun would that dream vacation for sure. Anybody out there in the NYC garment district who is game to rent me their apartment for a week or two?
We also were sent a link to a test to determine which 2015 Designer Mystery Quilt Block We Were?

The test determined that I am a Row House Quilt block: You are the “Row House” quilt block. DIY is your domain; you appreciate giving new life to vintage things. (Pretty right on I would say)

 Which 2015 Designer Mystery Quilt Block are you? Take our personality quiz to find out, plus catch a sneak peek at the mystery block in your result. To find out more about our 2015 Designer Mystery Block of the Month club, visit!
Go here and here to find out more about the the Mystery.
What is your favorite place to visit?

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Happy Quilting.
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