Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Perfect Apple

Since my last blog I have been trying very hard to eat an apple a day instead of caramel corn or puppy chow.
However sometimes I have found reasons to celebrate - And in my book celebrating by eating an apple is NOT celebrating.

Reasons I have found to celebrate:
•One day my jeans did not feel so tight... so I celebrated... with a bag of caramel corn.
•The day I finished my fall line of fabric... I had to celebrate... with a bag of puppy chow.
•It was Friday... so I had to celebrate...with a bag of caramel corn.

Hmmm I really need to quit celebrating with sweets and stick to an apple or the wool coat at my son's wedding will be a must!

Then I discovered the perfect apple.

Just look at these.

Have you ever seen such a yummy looking apple?
You can buy them at The Chocolate Season.
There are ten different kinds.
You can have a different kind of apple every day of the week!

Life is good….I think I will celebrate...with the perfect apple.

Have a sweet day.

From my heart,


  1. Now THAT'S my kind of "apple a day".

  2. Ohh, those look yummy! We used to live near a fudge shop and I loved their caramel and pecan apples!

  3. I love your fabric lines, please celebrate when needed. Thanks for sharing,Amy,I made a table runner with your fall line..I love it.THANKS

  4. Now that inspires "an apple a day" :)!!

  5. I adore caramel apples. Those look especially celebratory, I agree, and hard to resist when occasions such as those you mention arise!

  6. Delicious! And just think. If you cut off the outer layer you could get the apple skin PLUS the sweets - all the good stuff!

    And then you would probably have room for the caramel corn, too, which, being a vegetable, has to also be good for you.

    That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

  7. Oh you are so mean! I used to get apples like this at the Rocky Mountain Candy Company, and now I live like 60 miles from the nearest one!

    Loved their Apple Pie flavor.

    Now you have me drooling!

  8. I live absolutely not close to anything like that---Wow..