Thursday, June 24, 2010

Forget the Apple!

There was a time in my life when I could eat absolutely anything I wanted. Chocolate, bread, scotch-a-roos, mashed potatoes and gravy. (After all I grew up in Minnesota - where butter is a spice and gravy is a beverage.)
The really nice thing was I never gained weight.

Then along came Midlife. And she brought her friend Menopause.
Suddenly I could no longer eat anything and everything.

Along about that same time a new coffee shop/restaurant named The Perky Parrot came to town.They have the BEST puppy chow. And the red velvet cupcakes are darn good too, as well as the soups and sandwiches.

I also love their iced tea.

Unfortunately they have the Puppy Chow

setting right next to the checkout.

I can never leave with just my calorie free tea -

I can't help myself -

I always have to get the Puppy Chow too.

They also have bananas right next to the checkout.

However, I have never had an uncontrollable
urge to buy a banana. ????

Soon after the Perky Parrot opened, The Chocolate Season came to town.

Those of you who know me know how very much I LOVE chocolate,
and their Turtles - (or Tuttles as they call them) are to die for.

But it seems that it is not the chocolate that I cannot get enough of -

it's The Chocolate Season's caramel corn.
It is wonderful - just the right amount of ooey - gooey - chewy.

She also serves other scrumptious items.
Today's treats.

Soon I needed bigger jeans. But I have a theory. Once you buy bigger jeans - you will never go back to the smaller size.

I work alone most of the time - and the girls I work with suffer from the same problem.

So, I opted not to buy bigger jeans. Instead I just didn't take off my coat. After all it was winter - in Iowa - a coat is a must. (The same coat I wore ice fishing.)

When I did take it off - at a restaurant - I was sitting - again hiding the fact that my jeans were tight.

Finally along came spring - and I switched to my spring coat.
Now it is summer and a coat really is not an option. (94 degrees here today.)
Soooo I decided to start eating healthy.

I bought some apples.

Instead of having a bag of puppy chow or

caramel corn in the afternoon I would have an apple.
I bought Pink Ladies. (They are a sweet crisp apple.)

The first couple of days

I convinced myself they were almost as good as chocolate.

By the third day I was eating the apple

and just a little bit of puppy chow and or caramel corn.

By the fourth day I ate the apple

and a little bit more puppy chow and or caramel corn.

By the fifth day I ate the apple and

a whole bunch of puppy chow and caramel corn.

On the sixth day I decided to forget the apple

and just eat all of the puppy chow and all of the camel corn.

Hey in my mind I just saved myself 80 calories.

(That's one more handful of puppy chow or caramel corn.)

Now I have another dilemma.
Our son will be getting married on September 4th - THIS September 4th.
I will need to find a wedding outfit.
It is labor day weekend so I know that white is no longer an option.
But is it too early to wear my wool plaid coat…….


I better go buy another bag of apples.

Have a sweet day.

From my heart,


  1. We speak the same language Sandy. Yes, more apples.

  2. As long as your happy and healthy who cares!

    Get the bigger pants and move on, you have better things to worry about...

    like lollipops!

  3. I would have no problem eating the apples...but it would be dipped in chocolate, or caramel.

    p.s. I am trying to look nice in a dress for my daughters baptism soon, maybe I will take this as a sign to kick myself into gear!

  4. So funny! I watched everything I ate like a hawk for a month--that's 31 days of deprivation, telling myself that this is my new way of life. I lost 2 pounds. The next day I said forget it and ate a little less restrictively, but only a little less. I gained 2 pounds in two days.

    I'm with Mandy on this one. There are worse things that having extra padding around the hips. And good news! Full skirts are in again!

  5. Ah, I love rationalization! But I'm sure you will look lovely and slim by Sept. 4th. You already do!
    Leslie S. in MN

  6. My name is Miche'le and I am a chocoholic - there I've said it! Another thing is... I'm 50 plus, the plus allows me the little luxury of having a wider girth than I did a few moons ago. Children, surgery, menopause the list goes on, yeah I have a few 'comfort' rolls but you know what? I'm happy, healthy and can still buy the larger size when needed.
    Be happy and healthy Sandy, you have earnt it, enjoy the larger size and still look terrific.

  7. As long as those darling shoes still fit......

  8. If I lived near The Chocolate Season with that fantastic caramel corn (you sent me some with the Frolic Turnover), I would need bigger jeans too! Hmmm, maybe a wedding coat is in order as the plaid may be a bit loud, LOL!

  9. Maybe a lovely rain poncho to highlight your eyes instead of a a wool coat....

  10. Welcome to the club. (Sob.) I completely agree - once we buy bigger jeans, the battle is lost.

  11. I can so relate...I could eat a whole bag of oreos, and I did and never gained a pound...always a skinny after menopause, not so much!!!!! Hate it! I too love chocolate...My husband laughs at me because when we go to a restaurant I find something I can eat to leave room for dessert, because it is ALL about the DESSERT for me!

    Also, where is Algona, IA? I grew up in Iowa...born at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines and grew up in a little tiny town not far from Winterset, Iowa. Small world.

    I also love your fabrics! Frolic is my absolute favorite ever...just bought a TON of it. Love it, love it, love it. Did I tell you I LOVE IT!?

    My best...Nicki

    nlundeen at catt dot come

  12. Just gotta love menopause. Just buy something with an elastic waist!!

  13. Buy a paisley coat instead...LOL

  14. I'm sticking with who commented about the shoes!!!! I'm posting Annonymous cuz this thing never remembers me or my pass - then when I go into the accnt - its oh yeah, you have that....ugh! and it doesnt give me the visual code either til I click publish, then it says - hey you forgot to type the code!!

    Linda P in Ga

  15. thank you for a happy ending to an otherwise stressful day:)

  16. That is HYSTERICAL !!!! I can SO relate to your rationalizing !!! (I am the QUEEN of Rationalization when it comes to food ..... did you know that ice cream doesn't count if you stand at the fridge and just eat it out of the container? ..... just keep a spoon in the container and you're ready to go for a calorie free/ fat free treat !! Isn't that a fun little fantasy?!?!?!!! My college room mate and I came up with that during the long all nighters studying for finals .... and it's funny how all these years later when we get together, that ice cream still is calorie free and fat free :)

  17. I have to say this, Sandy. Let's just face it, you are the cutest thing EVER. When I look at the Moda montage of their designers, one face pops right out, and that's yours. It is your personality and creativity shining out right off the page. So, no matter what you wear, you're going to look fantastic on your son's wedding day.

    BUT, it wouldn't hurt to stick with the apple 2 or 3 days out of seven, buy something with a loose fit, and splurge on more of those cute shoes!

  18. I don't think I've ever read anything where someone has mentioned scotcheroos. I am from Michigan and my MIL introduced me to them. I can sympathize with you because I cannot leave the sweet treats behind. Good luck on dress hunting for your son's wedding. I've enjoyed reading your blog.

  19. Sandy
    You are too funny!! Did you know that if you let those treats sit out of the bag a while before eating, the calories evaporate?

    Don't worry about Anthony's wedding. You will look great.

    Sharon W.

  20. Perhaps you should send all the other wedding guests a case of treats so they, too, can celebrate wearing tight clothes and ice-fishing coats.

    Yes. I'm certain that is the solution.

    Or else you just need to run those sweet peddling businesses out of town for a few months.

    Just don't send them to Arizona.

    I already have plenty of tight pants, thank you.

    And it is wayyyy too hot here to wear a coat.

  21. you can alway start obsessing about purses!

  22. OMG I so want to live where you live. I would be in HEAVEN and I still have at least one more year of eating whatever I want!

  23. I love it! You make me smile!! Try the apple sliced and dipped in low fat sour cream mixed with brown sugar to taste. It's great with strawberies too!

  24. Have not seen any blogging from you recently, I have been praying for your mom I hope all is going well for her health. blessings.

  25. Perhaps your date should wear his "original" tuxedo to distract the crowd from everything else going on . . . you know the one he got married in!!!!

    Mr. Fig!!!!

  26. I have a little post about Awesome today.

  27. Sarah,
    Thank you for blogging about Awesome. To all of my blog readers please go to Sarah's blog - not because she blogged about Awesome, but to read her great story. What a inspiration!

  28. That was funny! I'm glad I'm not the only person in the world who thinks that way! I say toss the apples, eat the chocolate, wear white on Labor Day weekend and enjoy yourself!

    Just wanted to let you know that I went to Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, New Hampshire today while on vacation. It's my annual visit! They have about 20,000 bolts of fabric in the store and every single one I pulled out to really look at was YOURS! I love your style, colors and designs!


  29. My daughter got married 2 weeks ago. I had planned to lose 25-30 lbs. I lost 3. Nobody looks at the moms...............

  30. You are funny! I never get cravings for bananas either, but right now I have a massive craving for homemade guacamole and blue corn chips!

  31. Loved this post..I can so relate! When I'm hungry I never say "wouldn't an apple be so yummy"! LOL