Monday, June 7, 2010


When I'm feeling down. When I'm feeling fat. When I'm bored. I go to my Therapist, or or or The doctor is in 24/7 - no need for an appointment.

This week I received these packages from Endless, they as most of my therapist do, offer free shipping and sometimes free next day air shipping and always free returns. One box had the free next day air shipping shoes and the other had the free 2nd day air shoes - however they both arrived in one day - gotta love it.

Why shoes rock:

• Everyone I know has fat jeans and skinny jeans but nobody has fat shoes and skinny shoes...
No matter what your weight you shoes always fit.

•No matter how ugly the clothes are….
The shoes are always cute.

•Although some colors do not look good against you face…
You can wear most any color on your feet.

•The pants may make your butt look big…
But the shoes will never make you toes look big.

Ten boxes of therapy.

Hey with free shipping why order just a few.

I loved these, however they sent me a 9W

instead of a 6M and they are no longer available in my size. :-(

Okay - but not fond of the gold buckle

I sometimes will sacrifice comfort for cute.

These were boring and not even comfortable

Nothing exciting.

I need a new pair of black sandals.

These did not make the cut.

No cushion on the foot bed.

These are very comfy.

I think I will send them back

and order them in black to replace my shabby black pair.

Don't like the gold eyelets

Very, very cute - in fact my favorite - but too young for me.

For $19.95 how could I pass up these cuties.
Love the polka dot lining.

With such a different but wonderful color combination
how could I pass up these? And only $34.95.

Out of the 10 pair I kept the 2 pair for a total of $54.90. I do believe that is WAY less money then 1 hour in a therapist office.

Shoe therapy - it's the way to go.

Now go do some shoe shopping.

From my heart and my happy feet,



  1. Ah, a woman after my own heart! I LOVE the polka dots! I'm off to check them out now... ☺☺

  2. Oh my, I am a shoe addict too! Each word you said, I know so well! I have actually blogged about my shoes too! I wish I could shop in your closet, what beautiful shoes!

    I am pleased that I found your blog via Jenny Matlock!

    Nancy's Notes

  3. I'm with ya. Shoe therapy is good. Plus your feet look and feel good! You go girl. Only two pairs? Well, summer just started. Plenty of time to find some other shoe love.

  4. I love the shoes! I love that the pictures all have your adorable fabric in them!!!! My therapy is my quilting! When I need a pick me up, I go buy a new project! Or at least some new fabric! Thanks for sharing. I, too, LOVE the polka dots & since they're red, they're PERFECT!

  5. Great shoes! Love the ones you are exchanging for black and the polka dots. Also love the fabric in the background!

  6. Wow, you have a little foot. So many styles look cute in your size and not in mine (9 1/2-10). Especially if they are white I tellya they WILL make your feet look big!

    Glad your therapy turned out to be so inexpensive. Maybe you need some purses now to go with all those shoes?

  7. This is not a one size fits all therapy. Nothing looks good on really big feet. I'll have to just spend my money on fabric. It's much more fun than looking for clothes or shoes.
    Leslie S. in MN

  8. Wonderful choices, how exciting for you that you have the money to purchase so many shoes. My husband just lost his job, I am unemployed for 2 years, I would love 1 pair of shoes. Soon we will be homeless, what shoe would be the one pair I should get while I still can? I live my life through you girls. How I wish I had your life for just 1 day. regards Katy

  9. I'm in desperate need of therapy - the kind of therapy where no one is home except ME!!!!

  10. Love retail therapy--it's the best and you sure feel a lot better than sitting down with a therapist!!
    You have the right idea.

  11. I never thought about ordering shoes in this fashion.

    Great idea, though!

    I'm going to check the sites out, definitely need some new everday sandals.

    Those polka dot ones were my favorite!

    Happy Tuesday.

  12. Ahhhhh! I love this posting!!!! My passions are fabric and shoes!! I think you should keep the green ones with the flowers. They are super cute and not too young!

  13. I love how you match your shoes to your fabric...........right down my alley. You could never be too old for those polka dot red shoes. Enjoy! Kristy in Ohio

  14. I usually get mine from Sierra Trading Co.(Joseph Seibels -- not as cute but oh so comfy!), for everything else... My husband thinks I have too many already :) but I think I'm due for some new ones...

  15. I love Zappos!!

    And those red shoes are adorable :)


  16. Made me chuckle showing the shoes with fabric. This would make my husband's eyes roll at the thought.

  17. Oh, yes-Shoe therapy works every time! I needed a new outfit for the Alumni banquet, so I bought a pair of shoes and wore old clothes. I think I looked great in my new shoes!
    I realllllly love the red dotted ones, did you keep those?

  18. About that first pair- very cute, and I happen to wear a 9W. Can I send you my address? :D