Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Valentines 2013

Winter is flying by. Here in Iowa we are having a very mild snowless winter. We have been having temps in the 50's - unheard of for January - or any winter month. I have yet to wear my heavy winter coat.

I am loving it but my ice fishing boys are NOT happy at all.
They have a new wheel house and the ice is too thin for a heavy house.
They have been walking out on the ice and fishing
on a bucket - wearing sweatshirts.
I myself will not even walk on the ice.
I want a foot of ice before I venture out.

I just completed my Valentines line for 2013.
I have named it Flirt.

Soft grays, a soft, almost minty blue, a warm orangy red
and coral pink make up the color pallet.

A peak at the panel

and a few of the prints.
This will ship December 2012.

I will be participating in Fat Quarter's
2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month,
so be sure to check it out.
I hope you will join the fun!

And when you participate in Fat Quarter's BOM
you receive this in the mail.

When you open it you see this.
It is a box filled with brownies - all different
flavors - like white chocolate raspberry, cream cheese,
caramel, chocolate chip and walnut.
What's not to enjoy.
And I am now wearing my fat jeans!

May all your days be sweet.

From my heart,


  1. I can't wait to see it! Sadly, I too an in my fat jeans. I'm blaming it on Christmas :-)

  2. While I don't want to wish my 2012 away...I am looking forward to December :)

    Nice designs.

  3. Flirt looks amazing!! Funny this is i just ordered some Giddy this week. I used up most of what I had but I want to make some Valentine's projects. I scoured the Internet to find a fat eighth bundle! Yay! It may hold me over till I can get some of Flirt.

  4. Thank you for the sneak peak! Super cute. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the line.

  5. I LOVE Valentine's day!! I have projects made from your other Valentine's fabrics. I look forward to using this one too!

  6. I have loved every line of fabric you've designed. This is just really cute.

  7. Made a "tree skirt" out of your Christmas line, actually it was a quilt that I couldn't bear to cut so I just tucked it around the base of the tree. Everyone loved it and I loved the material. Can't wait for your new "Flirt" line to come out!!!
    Thanks for the preview.

  8. I think the word is "palette" not "pallet" which is a wooden base for loading commodities for shipping.