Monday, March 22, 2010


Here at the Gervais household we have had a lot to celebrate lately.

March 20th: First day of Spring.

Finally after a dreadful, nasty winter.

But we have a more important reason to celebrate March 20th.

It is our dear Abby's birthday.
Happy birthday Abby. (28 already!)

Abby styln' in her cute headband.

We all gathered in Des Moines for a birthday celebration.
Zach (Abby's boyfriend), Abby, Anthony and Deb
We dined at Johnny's Steakhouse in West Glen.
(I highly recommend the skillet potatoes.)

Next event to celebrate: Anthony and Deb's engagement!

He proposed to her in the ice fishing shack. I tried to talk him out of it - not proposing - but doing it in an ice fishing shack. But he and his ice fishing buddy thought proposing in an ice fishing shack was a great idea. When I think of romantic places - an ice fishing shack never comes to mind.

His question was "Deb will you marry me?."
You would think that her reply would be - "Yes I will marry you."
But instead she said "You're doing this now? I'm in snow pants."
- followed by a YES!
(Apparently ice fishing shacks aren't

at the top of Deb's romantic places either.)

Walking back to the cabin - in snow pants - after the proposal.

Congratulations Deb and Anthony!
We are so happy to welcome Deb into our family.

Next reason to celebrate: University of Northern Iowa knocking off first seed Kansas University in the NCAA tournament.

I am not a big sports fan but was told this is a REALLY BIG deal.


I hope all of you have much to celebrate.

From my heart,


  1. Wow! That is a lot to celebrate! Congratulations to all.


  2. Lots to celebrate for you! I guess an ice fishing shack is better than over the phone which is where my husband of 27 years proposed to me!

    I'm celebrating spring with your Celebrate Spring fabric and a giveaway on Wednesday. I love the colors in fresh and cheerful! I hope you come by and see what I've done with it.


  3. Romantic or not, it probably was a proposal Deb will never forget and that's worth quite a bit. :)

  4. so much great stuff to celebrate!! Congratulations to Deb and Anthony!


  5. My, you do have a lot to celebrate! And I think that tiny Ice fishing shack is pretty romantic!

  6. Wow, you sure do have alot to celebrate! Congratulations to Anthony and Deb too! Not my idea of a romantic place either, but it will make for a great engagement story!LOL ☺

  7. I think you've been taking pictures in my neck of the woods! Your owl looks a lot like me - bottom heavy, big glasses, spikey hair. And I love Frolic!

    My prayers for your mother, and prayers for you. God Bless