Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are You Wedding Ready?

Are you wedding ready?

We (along with two billion other people)
will be rising at the crack of dawn to view "the wedding".

I have decided if Miss Kate emerges from the car and looks like an over the top crumpled box of kleenex
I will go back to bed. Remember the bridal showers where the guest made the bride a wedding dress out of toilet paper and kleenex? Diana's dress reminded me of one of those dresses.
I just have to make this addition to this blog...Kate looked lovely, absolutely lovely. That dress will be timeless. Not a hint of kleenex at all! And now I am very sleep deprived.

Please don’t send me hate mail but poor Diana….
It was the eighties…

Everything was big.
Big hair.
Big sleeves.
Big bows.

Enjoy the wedding.

From my heart,


  1. Yes, it might have been the 80's but I was married in then and I didn't have big hair or dress!!;-)

  2. Oh boy! How about Kate's dress? Loved it!
    I also got up for Diane's wedding bright and early and nursed my newborn baby girl to watch that royal wedding too......I thought Diana's dress was appropriate for a very young bride.

    Each of us have our own opinion ;0)

    Happy Sewing

  3. Yes, Kate's dress was beautiful but not as lovely as your hats! :) Love that picture!
    Marsha S.

  4. so i guess you didn't go back to bed then, cos kate looked nothing but perfect. :)

  5. I too got up to see the wedding. Kate was absolutely gorgeous.

  6. I too was up and watched the wedding. Kate was absolutely elegant and gorgeous. Good for her for telling the designer exactly how simple but elegant she wanted the dress.

  7. I agree totally with the dress Diana wore but Kate looked beautiful and elegant. Right on for a royal.

  8. I agree .... Kate's dress ranks right up there with Grace Kelly's dress .... elegant and gorgeous !!! ..... now about some of those hats in the crowd ....particularly Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenia .... YIKES !!!! definately conversation pieces .......(and just how exactly did they keep them on their heads? some duck tape maybe???)