Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Finery

Easter is just three days away. Do you have your Easter bonnet?

with all the frills upon it.

Growing up, Easter was not just about the holy days but also about "the Easter Outfit". Easter meant that Mom would make us three girls and herself all new dresses. And the best part...we would get new shoes.

Either black patent...

or white patent.
Oh I loved getting new shoes.

This looks to be Brenda's first Easter - she is dressed in white. Linda's and my dress were made out of organza - a terribly itchy fabric. They were the same print, Linda's in lavender, mine in aqua. It looks like this year our new shoes are white patent. (Linda's are peaking out just a bit.) It also looks like Mom gave us fresh Toni perms for Easter.

The next year Mom went all out with her Easter dress and cross stitched around the bottom and down the front. My dress is made out of the same pattern that Linda's was the year before. This year we have black patent shoes. (I wonder if we switched every other year?) The thing I remember most about this Easter outfit was that older sister Linda had shoes WITHOUT straps. Oh I was sooooo jealous and embarrassed that mine had straps. And the next Easter my feet still were not big enough to buy the "big girl" strapless shoes.

By this Easter Linda was old enough to make her own Easter dress.
Mom made mine and Brenda's.

I made this Easter dress my freshman year.
Dotted Swiss with daisy
The gloves added a nice touch wouldn't you say?
And navy blue gillie tie shoes. Gillie ties were very big in 1969.

It has been years since I made an "Easter outfit" but I still like to buy new shoes.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.

From my heart,

PS Will someone out there in blog land who uses blogger please tell me why I do not have all of these odd spaces until I post it. And how do I get rid of them!


  1. What a great post, Sandy! Happy Easter to you and yours. I love looking at old pictures and the memories that come flooding back. ;-)

  2. This was so fun Sandy and stirred up lots of memories. I just have been about Linda's age. Lots of the same thing happened at our house, but I have FIVE sisters. Happy Easter.

  3. I ALWAYS have the odd spaces when I post..I think he has to do with how the posts are saved. No solution, sorry! Great nostalgia in those photos! Happy Easter!

  4. Sigh...patent leather Easter shoes. Black or white. mmmmmmm
    Remember how the black sole would always leave scuff marks on the white shoes??? :(
    When MY daughter was getting her white patent leather shoes they had replaced the black soles with a cream colored non scuffing material - genius!

  5. Hi Sandy...those picture are just awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    To (maybe) fix the spaces, when you're composing a post, do you have an option to change the HTML? if so, that's where you need to go. for some (totally silly) reason, blogger thinks we all want added spaces in our post. anyway, get to the HTML tab and look for tags that look like this "div" "/div" in triangular brackets. note that one has a slash (the end one) and the other doesn't. you'll need to erase both, but make sure you don't delete any of your text in between them. if you see any other codes, especially if they're font-related (they'd start with "span" in the triangular brackets), feel free to delete those too.

    does that help? sheesh, i'm wordy. i'm not a programmer and only taught myself html years ago, but this usually works when i'm doing my own posts. if you any other questions, i can pretend to answer them too. erinmalia at gmail.

    thanks again for sharing all your lovelies!

  6. I love the Easter photos, which are similar to my memories with my three sisters. I typically wore my sister's hand-me-downs, but Mom would sew each of us our own dress for Easter and Christmas. And our shoe-shopping experience was heavenly at a department store with an elevator and elevator man who would give us a ride up to the second floor shoe shop. The perfumes wafted throughout the whole store, making it seem even more exotic to a little girl who rarely left the farm and small town.

  7. Happy Easter!
    I thought the spacing had to do with the set up on your page, ie: how wide it is.
    Then, with composing a new post, the page is wider than your blog page, the codes will go in at the wrong places when you look at your post.
    I just never bothered to look it up or change it.
    I think I'll try the code thing, and then look at the post in draft before posting final copy!
    Take care, Leslie

  8. Thanks for shaking up the memory as always, Sandy. We always had a new dress that my grandma would make until we started sewing ourselves. I remember a pink print sleeveless I made once that I thought was the "cat's meow". Add a pair of white patents, a pair of white lacey gloves and off to church I went with my older sister who had made her dress as well. That was the first year that we went to sunrise service together as she had her driver's license by then. Happy Easter!

  9. I always love your posts about those great years when we were growing up -- how do you remember all those details? I remember a few of the Easter dresses my sister and I wore, but not the specifics -- you are amazing! Having two daughters and two granddaughters, we have carried on the tradition -- new patent leather shoes for Easter!

  10. Thanks for the memories!!!! Loved getting the new shoes and a new dress.. Love it!! Paula in KY

  11. I get those spaces too. I always click on preview and edit them out until I like (or can live with) what I see there. Then I post it.

    Re: Easter outfits: I remember getting a hand made dress for Easter and Christmas! I loved making dresses and matching bonnets for my daughter when she was little. All those frilly pinafores and matching little panties/diaper covers!

  12. Awwwwh yes, I remember it well! It's funny now that my daughter has 3 kids of her own (we had 4)...
    she says... "Mom, why didn't you tell me that shoes were soooo expensive!" Ha, when she was little we would take the kids shoe shopping... and maybe it was only 2 kids that really needed shoes... and because of all the moaning and groaning we a lot of times ended up buying shoes for all of them! Now she has to pay for them... she understands now why it was such a pulling teeth type of process.
    I also remember the gloves... and sometimes a little hat and purse. Our grandparents spoiled us royal!

  13. Loved reading this post--- really takes me back in time. Your pictures could almost be from my photo album-- there were three of us girls as well, and Mom always made all four of us matching outfits. We'd have everything new to go along with our new dresses-- new shoes, socks, slips, and even new Easter undies ;) . Another thing I've noticed from most outdoor photos from that era-- they were usually "posed" shots and almost invariably taken with the subjects facing directly into the bright sunlight. LOL Typically with forced smiles and squinting, watering eyes... LOL

  14. Had to laugh when you mentioned the gillie tie shoes...I remember getting a pair in avocado green to start the new school year for third grade! I loved those shoes so much I actually slept with the shoes the night before school started! You had navy blue? Jealous!