Saturday, May 14, 2011

I've Still Got It!

I've Still Got It!

We have traveled 1150 miles through Iowa, across Nebraska, Wyoming and into Salt Lake. I have spent 2 days at market and….

I still have my purse.
Something that rarely - okay - never has happened.
Should we takes bets as to whether I will arrive back in Algona with my purse??
What are the odds - 50/50???

I am very tired so just a few pictures of my booth.

My booth has a 4-H theme to go along with the Moda County Fair Booth.

Fabric flowers from my Easy Peasy project book.

A wool applique picture - Lake Side

And more projects from my Easy Peasy Project Book.

I will blog more later when I have more than two brain cells.

None of the new patterns are up on my site as of yet. I like to let my shop owners see them first.

I will post them later.

From my heart,


  1. That is a gorgeous purse! I love the 4-H theme to your booth with all of the ribbons, pins and plaques.

  2. You are so funny about the purse (which I really love the color and style of -- is that leather? or quilted :-) -- it's lovely...) Your new patterns are looking really fun and forward thinking! Please update your blog once you have them posted on your site! :-) Love the quilt in your booth -- Love your booth -- Hey, I guess I just love this whole theme, scheme...whatever you have going on in your collection this time. It looks warm, cozy, and well put together. Good job! :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing what you have with your two brain cells ... keep them handy so you keep track of your purse ;) Can't wait to see what you post later!!

  4. As always, your projects are awesome. Good luck through Market and come home to rest. Don't forget to put up those cute projects online - at least a couple of them. PS: I'm gonna get my small bee to plan a day trip to Algona from DSM area.

  5. Oh my, would you believe I don't even own a purse, not one..I was in pharma for years sew I toted a black bag for samples...they were sew darn heavy, I said never would I carry a purse...tilllllll now...this one I like..and you did not lose it..fancy that lol....Love to have you as a guest at stashmanicure. The ladies there would just love I do, when you look at my collection of fabric...lot;s of yours...

  6. Very classy booth and great crafty creations! Your fabrics are always so fun. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  7. Hey Sandy: I really liked the stuff in your booth. Awesome! Do you have a pattern for those cool flowers on the right-hand side of the booth photo? Also really like the quilts. I am making a quilt with your Essence line. Love it!

  8. Ooops. Sorry. I just noticed you'll have a pattern for the flowers. Just got home from work and I think I have one brain cell left.

  9. You had to do lots of traveling, can't wait to hear more about it.