Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lilacs in a Fruit Jar and Day 3 of Table Talk Book Tour

Hello again.
I will announce my winners tomorrow.
Today is day 3 of Gudrun's tour. Stop over to her blog to she what she has to share with us today.
Also blogging today will be Monique Dillard of Open Gate Quilts. Hop on over to her blog.

Tomorrow my friend and fellow Moda designer Kate Spain of Kate Spain Designs will be blogging along with Gudrun.

And now for Lilacs in a Fruit Jar.
My Grammie Fisher's house did not have one toy.
Yet as a child I loved going to Grammie Fisher's house for she had better things than toys.
Straight ahead as you entered the kitchen was the candy drawer - second drawer down - kid level.
Farther over was the bake-goods drawer full of homemade bread and pastries such as Kolaches and cinnamon twist.
Next was the big bin that held Grammie's baking flour.
I loved opening it and letting it go shut to see the little puff of flour rise.
Watching Grammie bake was real confusing to me. She did not use measuring spoons or cups as my mother did.
I can still see her shiny long fingers kneading the bread.
Every Sunday Grammie would cut the picture off the cover of the Picture Magazine that came with the Sunday paper and tack it to the wall above her buffet with stick pins. It was as pretty as any picture in a frame.
The buffet where she kept all of her Workbasket Magazines, with folded over corners on the pages containing projects she wanted to make.
Next was the corner hutch with a box of buttons - I spent a lot of time playing with the buttons.
Also in the corner hutch, setting in front of the family picture, was Grammies pretty watch.
It was covered in "diamonds" or something as pretty as diamonds. It had a little cover over the face of the watch - also covered in "diamonds". We never, never actually put the watch on but I never went to my Grammies house without pushing the little button on the watch that popped open the cover to revel the watch face.

My Grammie also did not own a vase.
But every Spring she picked a large bouquet of Lilacs and placed them in a fruit jar.
And they were as pretty as any bouquet in a vase.
Every spring I pick a large bouquet of lilacs…

place them in a fruit jar and think of my Grammie Fisher.

Here is hoping you are having a lilacs in a fruit jar kind of day.
See you tomorrow.

From my heart,


  1. No lilacs in my yard, so none in a fruit jar - but, oh so fragrant, Lily of the Valley coming in today. My Grandma had them in her yard, thus in her house, and so do I. Thanks for your post. Reminded me of both of my grandmothers, who baked and stitched and loved us little girls. Life was the best back then and we can all make these same memories for our grands. Have a wonderful Spring/Summer.

  2. Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories. I have many similar memories of going to my grandma's house. And I too love lilacs in a fruit jar.

  3. Excellent story. It recalled my Grmmy. Gunk you.

  4. When I saw those lilacs it instantly brought back memories of my childhood home. We had a whole hedge of lilacs in our backyard and I loved the fragrance they gave off. What a joyful memory!

  5. What a beautiful memory. Isn't it amazing how the simple things in life are often the best.

  6. Thank you Sandy for sharing your wonderful memories.
    I have similiar memories of my grandma with flowers from her garden.
    I planted some lilacs several years ago and I am waiting patiently for them to bloom so I can put them in an old blue Mason jar.

  7. I love your bright happy fabrics! And I have lilacs in a Mason jar sitting on my dresser....beautiful!

  8. I have had lilacs in a Mason Jar many times. When ever I see lilacs I think of my Mom who we lost in 2006. They bring back so many wonderful memories of her. Hugs

  9. Ahhh, you brought back so many memories for me of my grandma. I loved getting in the top right drawer of her old tredle sewing machine - 'the button drawer'! All those old buttons!! They were old 50 some years ago - wish I had those buttons today, not sure what happened to them. Thanks for sharing! HUGS... and stitches

  10. It's wondeful having memories of our grandmothers. You story reminds of both grandmothers, who gave me a love of sewing, handwork, creating and cooking.
    I love all your fabric lines and recently purchased enough of Grand Finale to make a queen size quilt for my daughter and her family. The color combination is awesome!

  11. Mmmm....... I can just smell those wonderful lilacs! Sounds like you have great memories of your Grammie.

  12. These are the kinds of memories I want my grandchildren to have. I loved reading your post.

  13. Your memories are same as mine. As I was reading the fancy watch with the lid that popped open immediately came to my mind, gosh I loved that watch. And of course all of the years and years of old checks in the attic that we played with.

  14. I love the story of you visiting your grammies house. The memories are so special. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I love the old blue canning jars! Thanks for sharing your great memories!

  16. What a sweet story of your Grammie! Love the Lilacs in the jar too. :)

  17. Thanks Sandy for sharing your great,warm, and fuzzy story with us. I remember the lilac bushes and of course the sweet fragrance of the blossoms, but I remember picking apples, chokecherries, and rubarb more. Then we'd make the tastiest applesauce, chokecherry syrup and jam, and rubarb and strawberry pie. It was a delightful lilac-kind of day planting and working in the garden today!

  18. What a wonderful tribute to a very special Grammie! You were very blessed!

  19. From my mom: "You are a writer from the Heart. You gave me tears. Love, Linda B." Karmen

  20. You did not mention playing hide the thimble and running the few marbles she had around the house down a piece of three sided channel that we put on the steps...and the button and rubber band trick in the used envelope and the drawer with the paper that was written on one side that we could use the other side to draw on and gathering eggs in her apron, oh it was fun to go to Grammies house. Your sister, Linda