Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Anthony

Monday the 21st was our son's birthday.
His due date was Christmas day but he arrived a few days early.

We brought him home Christmas Eve morning
and placed the blessed child under the Christmas tree.
What a wonderful Christmas.

His is now 30 - Yikes!
Daughter Abby on the left and girlfriend Deb on the right.

Happy Birthday Anthony.

Mom and Dad


  1. Happy Birthday to Anthony! My son was born on the day after Christmas and will be 32 this year. Did your son mind having a birthday so close to Christmas? For my Jeff, it was fun, because he would go shopping on his birthday and spend all the money he got for Christmas!
    Leslie S. in MN

  2. All the kids (oops, sorry, I mean ADULTS) are very attractive.

    Question: Where does time go?

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Awww, Happy Birthday Anthony. Make sure they don't gyp you on the birthday gifts - mwahahahaha! Our sons is the 19th and he is forever saying he is about 50 presents behind everyone else. But he's wrong. It's really more like 62! But who's countin! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

  4. My daughter will be celebrating her 29th birthday on Sunday. We thought she would come on Christmas day, but she decided to wait a couple of days! Hope Anthony's birthday was a good one.