Friday, December 4, 2009

Blog Hop Flickr Winner

Since I am late posting this, you all probably know the winner of our Blog Hop Project contest. The winner is bro3ther, and I might add even though randomly chosen, a very deserving winner. This person made every single project!! I am very impressed. Many thanks to all of you who loaded pictures of your projects, they are all wonderful and inspiring. If you haven't checked out the Flickr site, please do. It is fun to see the different color options that make each of the projects unique.

Since the blog hop I have been very busy trying to catch up with things that were put aside. I had no idea how time consuming a 12 day blog hop would be. I decided before I do another blog hop I must organize my pictures. They are in boxes - in no particular order. :(
I am now looking forward to Christmas decorating. I will try and blog about it along the way.

But before we move on to Christmas, just a little bit about our Thanksgiving.
This year my side of the family gathered at our house for Thanksgiving.
There were 15 of us.
The oldest being 81 and the youngest just turned 1 on the 20th.

Great Grandpa Fisher and Beckham.
Grandpa and Beckham were having a race to see who would walk first.
(Grandpa broke his leg in August picking apples.)
Beckham won! He took 7 steps on Sunday.
We are hoping that Grandpa will be able to walk soon.
The bone is healing very slowly.

For our Thanksgivings everyone brings something so I only had to do the fresh vegetable tray, turkey, dressing and potatoes.

I documented the meal in progress. - Well sort of

Anthony and Deb preparing the vegetable tray.

Bruce and Abby peeling 10 pounds of potatoes.

Deb mixing the butter, sour cream and cream cheese into the potatoes.
Get the defibrillator ready!

Deb making her Martha Stewart apple/cranberry pie.

Here is the end of my pictures.

I made the sweet and sage dressings, prepared the turkey, set the table and generally whipped the house into shape. (no pictures - hard to take a picture of yourself)

I was going to take a picture of the turkey fresh out of the oven - but by that time I was totally flustered and forgot.

But it looked like this - well sort of.

Great things about Thanksgiving:
You don't have to freeze your little behind off decorating.
You don't have to buy presents.
My favorite food - potatoes and gravy are always served.
It is okay to wear your fat jeans and eat until you bust.
Thanksgiving is a wrap and I am off to decorate for Christmas.
From my heart,

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  1. This Thanksgiving, I tried a new strategy: Wear my *tight* jeans so I won't eat as much.
    Let me tell you, IT WORKED!!!
    Everytime I felt that "muffin top" hanging over my jeans, I put that extra helping back! =-)