Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do You Ever Wonder????

Do you ever wonder - if the Moda fabric designers could have a super power, what would it be? Or maybe what is in their refigerators, or who has infulenced them the most?
If so, find the answers by going to the Moda home page to watch a video of each of the designers.

If you do not care to know the answers to any of these question but care about new fabric, go to the Moda website to see all of the new lines of fabric that will be shipping to stores on Janurary 10th. There are TEN new lines including my new line Nautical and Nice. Check it out.

#479 High Tide
(Turnover Pattern)

#478 Regatta
(Layer Cake pattern)

#477 Meteor Shower
(Jelly Roll pattern)

#476 Anchors Away
(Charm Pack pattern)
Fat Quarters Shop is offering this as a kit.

#475 Nautical and Nice
(Panel pattern)

These patterns will be posted on our website after January 10th.

From my heart,



  1. I've been waiting for these fabrics!!

  2. I love this line Sandy! I'm working on a quilt right now for the MBS using this line! I can't wait to get it done! :)

  3. I've ordered the Anchor's Away pattern for my shop...we make our own charm packs and we'll kit the heck out of this one...Your Brrrrrr pattern was our big hit in 2009 and we're still using it...

  4. Sandy, this is so cool! Congratulations on such a neat Moda line. Love their website. I have carried their fabric for a few years! It's neat to follow your blog. Kinda like hanging out with a fabebrity!

  5. Wonderful new patterns and lovely fabric too! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to seeing it in the stores.

  6. Love your new fabric line and I really love your regatta pattern. What a great pattern this would be to make for my sailing sister. She participates in regattas often in the Chesapeake BAy region and I just know she'd love it! I'll be keeping an eye out for it at my local quilt shoppe. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  7. Oh my, I must have this new fabric of yours! Wowza! And I love love love the Regatta pattern.

  8. Well, actually, I haven't wondered what was in anyone's refridgerator until you mentioned it.... what's in yours?? hahaha!!
    Love this line, and most of my house is Americana, and this will fit right in the scheme of things - cant wait to see it in the stores, and the patterns are adorable too!!

  9. Lovely fabrics. And I really love the Meteor Shower pattern!

  10. The fabric line and patterns are awesome Sandy! And I have a jelly roll of L'amour sitting right here that I am trying to decide how to best use it!

  11. Hi Sandy! I was just looking at your website. I had forgotten how many patterns of yours I LOVE that you have designed over the years! I was wondering if you had ever considered compiling a book or two of your older patterns. I would love to see a book of all of your stack and slice patterns. Or a "best of" book with all your favorite oldies. I hope you do think about it. I bet others would love this too!
    Take Care! Melissa

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