Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moda Pillow Talk Day 15

Welcome to day 15 of Moda's Pillow Talk blog hop.

Just a quick note about my post from yesterday. Not sure why some of you could not download the file. I think it is working now. If not email me and I will send you the file.

Also - So sorry about the answer to the first question yesterday. Just keeping you on your toes ;-).
I can hear your groans right through my computer...something else you did not know about me...I have excellent hearing.

And as of 9:00 last night no one had guessed all of the fabrics in my pillow correctly. (Haven't had time to check from then on.) So it will do no good to look over your neighbors shoulder for the answers. ;-) You are all welcome to try again.

Cyn/Cynthia has gone ahead and listed many of my lines of fabric. Sorry Cynthia, you have only listed 46 and some of those are not designed by me. I have designed a total of 89 lines of fabric thus far. Good for you for trying! You are welcome to try again.

Those of you trying to find my early fabrics on the Internet. When I first started, Moda did not have a website because the Internet was very new. I googled it and the Internet is 25 years old. WATTS (800) lines and faxing were the new big things in technology. Yep that old!

Today's featured designers is a mother daughter team of Lauren and Jessi Jung. I do not know them very well as I have only met them once at a Moda market party. I do know their latest line is named Hideaway and it features Coo-coo clocks. Do you suppose their pillow will be a clock? Hop on over to their blog and check it out.

I thought I would go with the theme of Lauren and Jessi's fabric for the painting of the day.
I have titled today's picture...

Coo-coo...for Fabric.
My DH is educated as a watchmaker/clockmaker/jeweler.
We used to own a jewelry store before we sold it

and started a printing business.
Bruce hated it when someone brought in a
non-working coo-coo clock.
He hated fixing coo-coo clocks.
Not sure why - but for sure he was grumpy the whole
while he was working on one.

Be sure to stop back tomorrow to see the painting of the day and link up with Sweetwater.

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Time is a wasting, so start guessing. Comments for day 14 close at midnight Wednesday Feburary 16. Please don’t go Coo-Coo trying to figure out the answer.

From my heart,


  1. I think this is the first time I"ve seen a RED Coo-coo clock. How fun! The "roof" dots remind of selvege dots.

  2. I love coo coo clocks! My parents had one in their home when I was a kid and I remember my mother having to pull the heavy pine cones down so that the clock would keep working. Your little red clock is darling!


  3. You've got me laughing out loud! I have to admit that I did think about how I could get the information for your fabric line and my husband told me I was nuts (he just doesn't understand this fabric/quilting passion). Now I'm glad I didn't go through all those gyrations!

    Fabric and quilting aside - could you let me know what type of paints you use for your painting? It looks like acrylic....?

  4. Tina,
    Yes it is acrylic.
    Although I have also worked with watercolor and oil.
    Thanks for following.

  5. You can make even a coo coo clock look cute!

  6. Love the coo coo clock and all of the little paintings! What wonderful talent you have---

  7. I lived in Germany as a teen and developed a fondness for coo coo clocks. Each one unique and yours is so exception. Shirley

  8. when I was a child I always wanted a clock like that-well not red-but-you know--I thought it would so cool-for it to come out every hour... adorable.
    by the way..
    I was determined to get the fabrics.. (<: I really spent a lot of time with the fabrics I knew and looking at the others-oh my, half the day went by..and gee I had to admit I was not going to get those other fabrics.
    You must have had your web site lines burning up. Why such a hard contest?

  9. What a very fun coo coo clock! Love the colors that you've used!

  10. Hi Sandy,

    I had fun looking for all of your fabrics that I could find on the Internets (what my kids call the internet). Since I've only been quilting since my first class in May, 2010, I knew I didn't have a chance of guessing the fabrics that you used in your pillow. LOL!

    How many did I get right? Would you be willing to let us know which ones?

    Yes, I know all about the internet... Yes, we are a computer professional of many, many years though we were a wee child when the concept and beginnings of the internet began in the early 60's. :-)

    By the way, I'm enjoying seeing your daily picture. I really, really, wish I could paint or at least that I could draw or paint something recognizable.


  11. I just discovered your blog. I have to say that my favorite line of fabric is yours. I look at the colors and designs and think, "they are so beautiful." Thanks for sharing your talent!