Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last Day of Pillow Talk and Moda/Sandy History

Welcome to day 22 and the last day of Moda's Pillow Talk blog hop.
I must say this sure made the month of February fly by.

Lissa Alexander, Moda's director of marketing, is our featured blogger today.
Hop on over to her blog for fun and games with prizes.

Lissa joined the Moda team shortly after I did.
She brought a lot of creativity and energy to the company.
She is the kind of person everyone should have as a friend.
I have chosen a piggy bank for today's subject.
I have titled the painting ...

Some people only withdraw from your emotions.
(You really need to stay away from those people.)
Lissa deposits into your emotions.
It may be a little gift in the mail, or a one line email.
It's like she has a sixth sense, and she somehow knows
that you are running on empty and really could use a deposit.

And today I will not tell you to check back tomorrow to see the painting of the day or to link up with anyone, as this is the end of the mini pictures and the blog hop. If you are interested in Moda/Sandy Gervais history keep scrolling, otherwise this blog ends here.

Remember to make as many deposits as you can today and you and all around you will be rich.

From my heart.

And now for a little bit of Moda/Sandy Gervais history.

The owner of Moda, Mr. Mark Dunn, is known for his funky clothing and even wilder shoes.
At my first Quilt Market, Mr. Dunn and Cheryl Freydberg came to my booth to ask me to design fabric for Moda.
I have no idea what Cheryl was wearing
but I remember what Mark was wearing.
A linen suit with an Aztec black print.

You will never find Mr. Dunn in a plain white shirt.

Or a navy blue blazer.

In my early days at Moda, WATTS lines and faxes were the way to communicate.
There was no such thing as "branding" as evident in my first portfolio.
No mention of Moda anywhere.

Portfolio today.
The Moda logo prominently displayed.

Moda's selvages have changed over the years.
My first selvages. Just Moda and my name.
This is The Great Outdoors border fabric.

This was one of the lines that nobody guessed correctly.

Later we changed to this.
Moda, my name and the line of fabric.

Now they have all of the above, plus the pattern number.
VERY helpful if you are googling fabric.

My first market with Moda/United Notions they had a 4-plex of booths.
Today they have 24+ booths.
The booth went from a very plain business look
to all of the creativity that you see in Moda's booths today.
(Lissa Alexander has a lot to do this creativity.)
This dollhouse themed booth was one of my favorites.

At one time Moda produced dishes.
These were short lived as they had problems
with packaging and breakage in shipping.
I had a total of three lines of fabric converted to dishes.

This tree was taken from my Christmas Brights line of fabric.
I use these dishes every year during the month of December.
I think the gingerbread man dishes are a Deb Strain design.

In 2004 Bruce and I joined Moda for a trip to Seoul Korea.
I was able to tour the art studio and the print plant to see my fabric being printed among many other touristy side trips.
It was a trip of a life time.

In 2006 we returned the favor and invited Korea to Iowa.
They thought that Algona's large grain elevator was an apartment building.
And they asked "where is the corn?"
People think of Iowa as tall corn.
It was early May and the corn was just coming out of the ground.
Korea - Iowa - two different worlds.
I have pictures of the Korea trip but it seems my scanner died today.
(Pre-digital pictures.)
The death of my scanner was not a shock.
It had been on borrowed time for quite sometime now.
Some of you must have mis-read my blog.
As I said I would list all of my lines of fabric - NOT picture them.
As I stated I am missing many of the prints.
And do you know how long it would take to scan in even just one piece of fabric from each of the 89 lines?
I cannot spend that much time on something that does not make a girl money.
I will list them by year and name.

The first few lines are a little uncertain as to which order they were produced as Moda was not keeping computer records at the time and the portfolios were not dated.

Pieces From My Heart (this consisted of four groups)
Melody of Angels
First Snow
Friends and Flower
Don't remember the name

Mom's Sewing
Dad's Farm
The Great Outdoors
Harvest Halloween
I Love My Cat
God Bless America I
God Bless America II
I Believe
Gift of Love
Babies and Bees
Posies and Pals
A Children's Choir
Thorington Collection
Painted Ladies
Sun Porch
School's Out
High Tea
Pheasant Run
Twinkling Lights
Twinkling Brights
Baby Talk
In Full Bloom
All things Christmas
Autumn Splendor
Sweet Land of Liberty
Heritage Square
French Garden
Olde Glory
Holiday Happenings
Fall Frolic
Do the Funky Chicken
Dear Santa
Nature's Kaleidoscope
Best Friends
Whispers in the Wind
We the People
Christmas X-citement
Happy Hollow
New Hats old friends
Heart & Soul
Friendly Folk
Glory Be
Bittersweet & Boo
Bundle Up!
Oh Baby
New Quilts...Old Friends
Take a Bough
Sweet Potato Pie
76 Trombones
Hearts Aflutter
Cold Winter Noses
Trick or Treat
Holly Jolly
Celebrate Spring
Mix & Mingle
Fall Back In Time
Red, White and Bold
Candy Kisses
Merry & Bright
Fresh Squeezed
Pumpkins Gone Wild
Zipptiy Doo Dah!
Objects of Desire
Gobble Gobble
Crazy 8

Nautical and Nice
Yet to come in 2011:
Grand Finale
Reindeer Games
This is all I can remember. I think I might be missing a fall line somewhere.

That's a brief history.
The world and Moda has changed a lot since I joined Moda. Every year Moda does something to make life easier for a shop owner and to better the company. Moda also gives back and supports many charities.

One of my favorite quotes is:
"Retirement is for those who aren't all-consumed by their professions.
An Artist can't retire."
Milton Glazer (Artist and designer of I (heart) New York.)
I hope to be a part of the Moda family for many more years to come, as I too never plan to retire.

From my heart,


  1. Thankyou Sandy for that wondeful insight to Moda. I think I have some of your earlier fabrics in my stash. They are just too 'nice' to cut up. Keep up the good work.

  2. It was so interesting to read your post today and learn more about Moda! It must be so satisfying to work for such a wonderful company AND to be able to do something that you love--- CREATE! :-) Wow-- you know, a girl could have a completely WONDERFUL stash if she only had a little bit of each of the fabrics you've created over the years! :-)

  3. Did I read right that you were not blogging any more? I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and your wit. I have adored your patterns and fabric since I became obsessed with quilting in 2002. My most favorite quilts have been made with your fabric. You are one of a kind! I have loved your little paintings. They are adorable.

  4. Sandy, I truly enjoyed your post today. I believe "Deposits" ARE more than just times you put money in the bank.

    Moda has opened a WIDE door for my creativity with its vast designers. And Moda Bake Shop is another extension of Moda that I LOVE !! I have made Owlivia (along with other patterns) that you so generously shared on Moda Bade Shop. She sits on my bookshelf.

    It's such a treat learning more about you, your work, your family and world of Moda. Thank you.

    You have become a STAPLE in my sewinig/quilting world and I appreciate all your "Deposits".

    Hugs and blessings.

  5. Wow, so much creativity shared with the world! I've never seen a Sandy Gervais fabric I didn't like. Keep up the great work!


  6. I enjoyed the little history of you and Moda. I am glad you took the time to write it down. If you don't remember all the "facts" at this point just think what it will be like in another five years. And you sure have "history" with Moda. May you have many more lines for all of us to enjoy.

  7. Thanks for the work you put into this blog hop, Sandy. I've really looked forward to seeing your paintings of the day. Love your fabric lines as well!

  8. I have enjoyed your posts thru this month and even before that.
    Your little paintings are the cutest things. I would like to see them all together, so if you could just post once more. :)

  9. You are a hard working gal! What a wonderful fabric legacy you have. Thank you for taking the time to share it with all of us.

  10. Sandy,
    What a wonderful bit of history. Thank you for all your creativity not only this past mont during the blog hop but also over the many years you have been with moda. I have got to grab a tissue and start my diet. (the pig!)

  11. Thank yo for your fun posts and little paintings. You have brightened my February. I love your fabrics they are so much fun to use.

  12. What a lovely post! I've followed your blog for some time and always love to see what you've painted and especially enjoyed your stick-to-it-ive-ness with this blog hop!

  13. That is quite a list of fabric lines! Wow! Very impressive. And that wee piggie painting... LOVE IT!

  14. Thanks for sharing!! I loved how everything has changed.

  15. Sandy, I loved your Best Friends; New Hats, Old Friends; and New Quilts, Old Friends line of fabrics. I made the Best Friends quilt for a co-worker who is one day older than I am and the New Quilts, Old Friends for a long time friend from college days who is also a quilter who lives in Phoenix. We each made a quilt for the other and put a picture of us together in the center block as a memory quilt of our lifelong friendship. We did different color ways -- hers was blue and red and mine was green and purple. They are treasured pieces. Thank you for your creativity.

  16. Thanks for the history lesson - I love Moda fabrics and find that they often stand out as I'm browsing in a fabric store. Congratulations on being so incredibly talented and prolific in your designs.
    I so enjoyed your mini paintings - they added to my pleasure each morning as I did the blog hop.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  17. I'm really going to miss all your great little paintings and the stories behind them. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  18. Moda fabrics and designers have been like a magnet when I shop--if I am immediately walking over to fondle something, it is always Moda! Congratulations on all your success as an artist/businesswoman. Glad you're not going to retire ever!

    I loved all of the mini paintings and your funny descriptions of them.

  19. You make a deposit into my piggy bank each time I pull a fabric and it's your design! I'm happy you don't plan to retire because I plan to keep quilting.

  20. I loved reading your Moda history! Looks like I came into the picture about 2007. I had made a quilt years and years ago- before children - and then gave all that up until 2007/2008.
    I hope you never retire as well!
    CUTE little pig. :)

  21. Thanks you for the Moda background. So many things the average person does not know about a great company. Moda has been a huge supporter of many charities which is so honorable. Thanks for the wonderful little pictures each day and hope in the next hop you will be able to do so again. Even though I have followed your fabric for many years...OMG..I had no idea you had so many lines. Your creativity inspires!

  22. wow! thanks for such a great history lesson! :D

  23. Wonderful post! What a great wrap-up to this blog hop. Thank you so much for sharing your paintings and your deposits with us! You were really the shining star of this blog hop.

  24. thank you for sharing a bit of Moda's history and your relationship with them. I had no idea you had designed so many fabrics. WOW! thank you also for sharing the little paintings. I think yesterdays, "Thread Count" was my favorite and I loved the story of the shoes...too funny!

  25. You are an awesome fabric designer Sandy. My relationship with Moda started in 2009 when I started selling fabrics and needed to find a niche in my area. I will never regret choosing Moda! My first fabric line ordered from the rep was Objects of Desire, which I fell in love with - and so did everyone else! Giddy is my latest and it's selling up a storm too. They are all beautiful. Thank you. Ann ♥

  26. Your daily 'Pillow Talk' paintings and blog have been so wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  27. Thank you for blogging everyday during this hop. It helped keep me in line on who to see next. I loved seeing each one of your little paintings and was so excited to see a new one. I have enjoyed getting to learn more about you and Moda. Thank you!!

  28. I thoroughly enjoyed your post today, thanks for sharing all the fabric names, wow you have designed some awesome fabric. Love your fabric lines and Moda fabrics are just all around great fabrics.

  29. Your posts and paintings have been delightful during the Moda Pillow Talk hop. Thank you! And thanks, too, for writing the interesting history of your time as a designer with Moda.

  30. STANDING OVATION for Sandy Gervais.

  31. I love my cat? Is it okay that I can't stop giggling? Funny. Maybe a line in the future could be I Love my gopher? ;-)

    Loved all your posts, Sandy. You are amazing!!

  32. Oh, and your deposit picture- Just perfect. So Lissa!

  33. Perfect ending! Thanks so much for sharing.

  34. Great pictures of Mr Dunn! Great ending to Pillow Talk!

  35. Thank you ever so much for sharing your history and heck, even the time it took to LIST all of your fabrics, had to be a multitude of unbillable hours ... thank you!! I can't wait to see what your future with Moda delivers for us!!

  36. Hi Sandy, I feel like such a baby for only coming into the quilt world 1 1/2 years ago! I had no idea how many lines of fabric you had, how many I MISSED!

    Reading your 'behind the scenes' of Moda is really enlightening. I only know the receiving end of opening a box with bolts of fabric (working at a quilt shop for 1 1/2 years...) Thanks for reminding us that we're all human beings. And that we all need those 'deposits'...