Friday, February 11, 2011

Moda Pillow Talk Day 11

Welcome to day 11 of Moda's Pillow Talk blog hop.

Today's featured designers are a sister team of Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister.
I don't know what their pillow looks like but I bet you might just need glasses - sunglasses because I am quite sure it will be bright and cheerful.
Hop on over to their blog to check it out.

Barb and Mary both live in Phoenix, but a distance from each other.
They have told me that they talk often on the phone to discus business...and just to talk.
I am pretty sure Barb will call Mary or Mary will call Barb today.
My subject for today's painting is a telephone.
I have titled today's picture...

Does anybody out there remember party lines?
For you young ones - No a party line is not one of those naughty 800 lines.
A party line was a telephone line that had more than one party.
Again for the young ones - No not party central with several parties going on at once.
A party line meant that three households might all be on the same line.
Each party (household) had a different ring.
Our ring was 2 shorts and long.

Be sure to stop back tomorrow to see the painting of the day and link up with another sister design team - Polly and Laurie of Minick and Simpson.
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My mother recently lost her best friend of more than 60 years. If they did not see each other they called each other daily.
I was visiting with mom and she said she really misses having someone to call.
It occurred to me that most of mom's friends are gone. Made me so sad.

Call someone today...while you still have someone to call…it will make their day...and yours too.

From my heart,


  1. You are right about needing to call people while you can! I have come each day to look at your paintings, you are one talented lady!! Love your fabrics and patterns!

  2. Love the telephone for Me and My Sister. The chair was adorable too. I remember party lines. In the country, where my Grandmother lived, the little old ladies would tie up the line. You had to cut in and ask them to get off. Call someone today and just talk or visit, as Grandma would say.

  3. I remember party lines. I remember my grandmother talking to my mom in Swedish so that if someone else was on the line they wouldn't know what she was talking about! Love your daily paintings. So cute!

  4. We never had one when I was growing up, but I remember hearing about them. Your little red telephone is too cute. I think it should sit on a little table right next to the red chair you painted!

    I think I'll call my almost 93 year old aunt today...thanks for the reminder!


  5. Our number was 14 on long and a short! My mom and her sister talked every day. The downside to our party line was my maternal grandmother was on the same line...a challenge for both me and my mother! I have enjoyed your tiny paintings so much.

  6. That is sad! My MIL is 92 and active, lives in a senior housing facility and talks to people a lot, but she says she never gets phone calls anymore. She's the last of her family but used to talk to her sisters all the time.

    We didn't have party lines in our area, but I still remember my childhood phone number :)

    Another cute painting! You are keeping up so well :)

  7. Jeanie jeanhmaher@yahoo.comFebruary 11, 2011 at 11:18 AM

    I can't get enough of your cute, tiny paintings. They are adorable. My house would be full of them IF I could paint:/ I am glad we are only on the 11th:) Lots more paintings to go:)

  8. I remember party lines... it's how my mom and the other women in the neighborhood made plans for everyone to come to our house to see Milton Berle (we had the only TV on the street). I love your little paintings.

  9. Ahhh, yes...if you were going to be a "rubber neck" & "rubber on the line", make sure it's when the canary's are sleeping!!
    Your sis,

  10. Cute little phone and in RED! I have seen pictures of a phone like that (black)in the home I lived until I was 5. Then for years we had a CORDED phone!!! Horrors! ONE phone and it had a cord so you sure couldn't go far. Dialing for radio contests took some patience as the dial slowly returned to the beginning. When dh and I moved to Montana in our late 20's we were introduced to PARTY LINES! Wow, that was weird. Felt we had moved back in time. Some people were either bored or nosey but you could tell they were on the line listening in.

  11. I have been having so much fun looking at all of your little paintings. They are so cute. I am sorry for your mom. We lost my husbands dad 2 years ago. Those kinds of thoughts are hitting close to home. Give you two hugs from Idaho.

  12. HELLO. And I remember when the first TWO of the three digits weren't digits at all but LETTERS that you had to figure out which digits they were....

    Why I remember this I don't know - but our old number (letter) was:

    FR2 - 7999.

    Oops, I'm probably aging myself REALLY bad...LOL

  13. I love your paintings! Thank you for the reminder to show those we love that we do. (hmmm, obviously I'm not an English major.)

  14. Oh my. Definitely remember party lines!! I'm sorry your mom lost a special friend. Life certainly has some hard places. Thanks for all your little paintings that bring a bright spot!

  15. Cute, cute painting of the day.
    I'm so happy we're beyond party lines. It was a pain, especially during my dating days.

  16. Both of my grandparents had party lines up until about 20 years ago..and I always thought it was so fun to answer and then listen! :) Course I got in trouble more than once and you had to breathe quietly if you didn't want to be heard. :) I was just telling my son about that, in fact, the other day. What fun memories!

  17. Those mini-pictures are adorable!! Many good and not-so-good memories of our party line probably 10 people on ours and boy could you get some interesting "listen in's" information about your neighbors :)

  18. I really will give them a call once I get settled. I can be her new best friend! :)