Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Painful Youtube

Hello everyone. I have no market pictures - remember no lens. I managed to get my booth all set-up the first day of set-up so I could lens shop on the second day of set-up. Unfortunately I woke up with a migraine - so no lens shopping for me. So the only pictures I have of my booth are what are on this youtube video. It is so very painful to watch yourself on video! Notice how I dance around trying not to get a butt shot in the video - I must say - hard as I tried - I did not succeed. :-(
KC booth video

I am sure by now you have found many posts with very nice pictures of market. Fat Quarters Shop is one of the shops that posts pictures every day of market. Check it out here.

Happy Quilting.
From my heart,


  1. I enjoyed your video and seeing your wonderful new pieces. I really like how you use prairie points in the pieces and the framed vases. I collect old frames, so i should make some pieces to frame. How do you mount your framed pieces?


  2. Sandy, your video was too cute! You are so bright and cheerful and it was so nice to hear you speak! Just how I imagined you! Your fabrics and quilts are just lovely, and the monthly projects are so fun! I especially love that chunky snowman and the rain boots. They remind me of your paintings. Can't wait to see your new fabric lines show up at my favorite online shops!


  3. Loved the video for someone who says the didn't like giving presentations classes it was great! Love some of the new patterns!

  4. Love your video! It is so much nicer seeing projects this way versus a still photo. Looking forward to your halloween line. Thanks for taking the time to share... :-)

  5. Sandy. You made my day. Yellow pants. Love them. What butt??? Sorry, but even in your yellow pants no one is looking at you, we are all looking at your gorgeous stuff. I love the table runner the most. Second is the month-by-month, "one month for every year" :-) You are the best, you just throw it all out there so casually, making every single one of us green with jealousy.

  6. I watched it again, love the block of the month and the art project, and also the charm square flowers.

    Your video is great. IMO, you have a future as the female Garrison Keillor.

  7. Love the block of the month! Where do we sign up? I love the Everlasting line - the colors are great as are the prints. Nice job telling us about your new projects.
    Marsha S. :)

  8. That's funny, the whole time I watched it I was noticing your large rear end!

    Teasing, I promise. You are adorable, you know that?