Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Market Bound

It is 10:00 PM and I am still at my studio. We leave tomorrow morning at 6:00 for Kansas City. I have to get this blog posted and pack yet tonight. Typical market craziness. I have been such a bad blogger lately that I have seriously been thinking about closing this blog. It is just one more thing to add to my to do list - and I really don't need more on my list.

Sooo this will be quick.
I was downloading pictures off of my camera when I managed to get tangled up in the cord. Camera and myself went crashing to the floor. I am okay but sadly the camera lens is ruined. So once again this will be a no picture post. You cannot buy a camera lens in Algona, Iowa. I am hoping I can pick a new lens up in Kansas City so I am able to take some market pictures.

We will be showing 8 new patterns featuring my new line of fabric Everlastings.
Just imagine you are looking at 8 pictures of quilts.
I will also be showing:
This Block of the Month Series

And this Month By Month Series.

If you are a shop owner stop by my booth #127 to see the completed quilt and month by month projects. If you are a retail customer get all the details at you local quilt shop after market.

That's all for now.
Good night.
From my heart,


  1. Have a wonderful time at market and I hope you can get your camera fixed.


  2. Have a wonderful time at Market. So sorry to hear about your camera...hope you are able to pick up a new lens!

  3. Please don't close your blog! It;s OK if you don't post often, because when you do, it's bound to be a great one. I still laugh whenever I think of your icefishing post!

  4. I'm with DianeY, please don't close your blog! I thoroughly enjoy your posts, it's like visiting with an dear old friend no matter how long its been. Have a great time at Spring Market and can't wait to see your new patterns at my local quilt shop.

  5. Have a wonderful time at market. Please don't close your blog. I really enjoy your posts.
    Shawn M.

  6. Please don't close your blog. I have been a great collector of your fabric since my first quilt retreat when a vendor from your immediate showed us your new patterns and fabric. I enjoy seeing your design process and all the new stuff you have coming out. Have fun at market!

  7. I sure hope you do not close your blog. I sure enjoy your posts. Loved the applications for your lake house. Have fun at market!

  8. Ditto the previous comments -- I love your blog! Once a month is fine. Have fun at market!

  9. I agree with the previous comments! It's worth every minute that I wait to see what you have posted. I have laughed out loud so many times and most of your blogposts bring back so many memories. I would be so sad to see you stop. Have a lot of fun at market. I can't wait to see the block of the month quilt. That will be one that I will definately pick up.

  10. No!!!! Don't stop blogging! I love reading your blog. Hope you post about market. I don't mind if you don't post often — it's fun to read when you do! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!