Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not About Groceries

Hello everyone. Yes I am still blogging. I was thinking about closing down this blog, because quite frankly, I don't have much to say. But upon visiting with fellow designer Laurie Simpson I found out it is okay not to have anything to talk about - and at that point you just take pictures of and talk about your groceries. Hmmm never thought of using my groceries as a blog subject.
However, today's blog is not about groceries as I really do have something to talk about. I thought I would share with you some of the places where you can find Sandy Gervais these days.

The fine people at Fons & Porter invited me to participate in an episode of Quilt with the Stars.
Sandy Gervais - a star - yep it's a stretch - but apparently they think I am a star - or they were desperate.
For this gig I worked with Mary Fons, Marianne Fon's daughter. Mary has many talents that expand way past the quilting world. I love her quirky, artsy personality and it is truly a joy to work with Mary.
Go to this fun little video to find out more about the fabulous Mary Fons.

Quilt with the Stars has three parts
Part one talks about the project that I made for their magazine For the Love of Quilting.

You can find my project in the July/August issue of For the Love of Quilting - on stands now. Check it out.

Part two is a small trunk show.
And part three is about me and my studio.
Go here to watch the three parts.

Like I said before it is always very painful to watch yourself on tape. At least this one they have me planted behind a counter and on a chair - no need to dance around like a dancing bear!

Have a great day.

From my heart,


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on your feature with Mary Fons. You have a lot of talent and dance much better than I do and definitely better than most bears! Thanks for continuing your blog.

  2. Thanks for sharing your work with us. I for one, love being able to touch base with your designs and ideas. Such an inspiration ... keep it up Sandy XX

  3. We love your designs and fabrics. Please continue in blogland. Remember quality not quantity counts.

  4. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and talent with us!

  5. I am glad you haven't stopped blogging. I enjoy reading your posts.

    Thanks for letting us know about the Fons & Porter project. I'll look for the magazine.

  6. I'll take grocery talk : ) with you .... I'd miss you if you stop blogging. Because I love being in touch with a famous designer from Iowa :) where the tall corn grows! Some seem to blog so effortlessly. I think it takes a lot of time to blog. i understand sporadic blogging, I just can't keep up with it all. so just pop in when you can. love your sewing spirit! janita

  7. Love your fabric designs and your creativeness. You're too hard on yourself. Everyone always talks about Sandy Gervais' beautiful fabric. Keep up the good work and keep blogging!

  8. So glad you are continuing to blog!

  9. Watched and enjoyed all of your videos / interviews ...... (even the "dancing bear" one !). LOVE your artwork, designs, fabric etc !

  10. Thank you for letting us know about these videos. Just watched the first one - love the ideas! Please continue blogging - you have wonderful ideas and as one of the commenters wrote - quality not quantity counts!

  11. Watched all three videos - they were great! Also went out and bought the magazine! Nice job, lots of good cover on you and your talents!
    Marsha S.

  12. I love your fabrics! I watched the Fons and Porter show and was wondering if you will have a pattern for the new Merry Medley panel quilt that you displayed on the show? It was just beautiful.
    Thanks, Jackie