Saturday, January 23, 2016

Moda all-Stars All in a Row Blog Hop Day 6

Hello and welcome to Day 6 of
 It’s a Beauty of a Book and Social Media Hop: Moda All-Stars All in a Row 

There will be Prizes too!
All royalties from this book will be donated to 

 A charitable organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger.

Today's bloggers are Karla Eisenach and Alma Allen..
Below (in blue type)  is the copy written by Jennifer Keltner to introduce these two lovely contestants.

Karla Eisenach (1/3 of the Sweetwater gang with daughters) wearing her row BLOOM. Extra, extra, read all about it. Please welcome a four-time citywide newspaper delivery girl paper-throwing champion (judged on how well she could hit the front porch from a distance of 30 feet)—All the news that's fit to print on fabric can be found on Sweetwater's row. Newsprint fabrics are used as the background fields for red Dresden flowers with black gingham centers. The flowers are machine stitch onto the background and the flower centers are fused and hand-blanket stitched for embellishment. All adaptable of course, to YOUR favorite method. 

Like a true paper girl...she can rock a hat.
Check out Sweetwater's row here.

Sweetwater's picture is titled;
In the News

Alma Allen (Half of Blackbird Designs with Barb Adams) wearing their row A TISKET, A TASKET. Representing the great states of Kansas and Missouri—and probably celebrating a ROYALS baseball return to the World Series.Alma and Barb and practically royalty themselves in the world of quilting—they've hit a home run with their row. Pieced baskets blocks have a long history in quiltmaking. Here are three variations (flower Basket, cake stand, and one simply named basket)—charmingly interrupted by a single appliqued blossom. Secret talent of Alma—able to applique with one hand tied behind her back. She'll be demoing that in her booth I think.

Alma, looking lovely in tulle and lace.
Check out Blackbirds row here.

Blackbird's picture is titled;

The Deal of the Day is:

Eggs tra-special a PDF pattern using a Charm Pack.
Regular price is $8.50 - on sale today for $6.50.

Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs and Minick and Simpson are tomorrow's bloggers. Stop back tomorrow to read their stories, see the pictures of the day and the Deal of the Day

AND find out what the Deal of the Day is.

Have a Beauty-ful day!
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