Thursday, January 21, 2016

Moda all-Stars All in a Row Blog Hop Day 5

Hello and welcome to Day 5 of
 It’s a Beauty of a Book and Social Media Hop: Moda All-Stars All in a Row 

There will be Prizes too!
All royalties from this book will be donated to 

 A charitable organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger.

Today's bloggers are Camille Roskelley and Kathy Schmitz..
Below (in blue type)  is the copy written by Jennifer Keltner to introduce these two lovely contestants.

A celebrity stand-in will now represent designer Camille Roskelley (Thimble Blossoms) wearing her row Twinkle. Don't be fooled, Camille is definitely a moda all-star and while she's all Thimble Blossoms all the time, can you guess which half of Bonnie and Camille fabric line she represents? That's right, she's the Camille half of Bonnie and Camille. If she was here in person, she'd show you now.but instead I will just tell you one little secret about this mom of three boys. She can BOTH do the Whip AND the NAE's true. 

I think this celebrity stand-in could be Mr. Mark Dunn's sister??
(Maybe she should have waxed.)
Check out Camille's row here.

Camille's  picture is titled;
My Three Son's
Camille is young - very young - she will have
 no idea the second meaning of this picture.
To that I say - ask your mother.

Kathy Schmitz wearing her row WINTER FRIENDS and proving there's no business like SNOW business---Kathy's been star-struck over star blocks and the red-and-cream color combination since she was a kid. Her stem-stitch snowman embroidery block steals the show on her row in his French Knot Polka-dotted sweater with flakes falling all around him. Winner of the Godiva or Go home trophy, Kathy was asked to share what she's doing if she's NOT quilting. Her answer "I'm thinking about going to the gym or eating chocolate."

Kathy's runway ensemble included fishnet hose.
Check out Kathy's row here.

Kathy's picture is titled;
A Bunch of Flakes

The Deal of the Day is:

Owl Be Home for Christmas a PDF pattern using a Charm Pack.
Regular price is $8.50 - on sale today for $6.50.

Stop back tomorrow to check out the paintings of the day and read all about the Sweetwater team and Blackbird Designs.
AND find out what the Deal of the Day is.

Have a Beauty-ful day!
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  1. Your 'All In A Row' posts are just adorable. I am enjoying each one so much. I recently got my copy of the book and I love it. I can imagine all the time it takes to put these posts together and I had to stop and say Thank you. I am a huge Moda fan and also have loved your work for years. Moda designers Rock!