Monday, December 5, 2011

Gifts Galore Blog Hop

Today is the first day of the ??? hop. It seems this hop does not have a name.
I think we should name it the Gifts Galore Blog Hop.
The hop will be running through December 9th. Several designers will be featured everyday to make this hop a little faster as we know this is a busy time for everyone.
Each designer will be linking you to a card that you will print … Very simple click and print!
On the front of the card will be a recipe and on the back of the card instructions for a quilt block.
You will be able to collect and print them all and have 23 new recipes and 23 new blocks by the end of the hop - our gifts to you. Merry Christmas!

Starting today are …
Minick and Simpson ~ Laurie and Polly
Bunny Hill Designs ~ Anne Sutton
Me and My Sister Designs ~ Barb and Mary
Deb Strains Studio ~ Deb Strain

December 6th visit …
Kansas Troubles ~ Lynne Hagmeier
Fig Tree ~ Joanna Figueroa
Cosmo Cricket ~ Julie Comstock
Summersville ~ Lucie Summers
Paper Pie ~ Liz Scott

December 7th visit …
Cotton Way ~ Bonnie Olvason
French General ~ Kaari Meng
oliver + s ~ Liesl Gibson
Sweetwater ~ Karla Eisenbach
The Long Thread ~ Ellen Luckett Baker

December 8th visit …
Thimbleblossoms ~ Camille Roskelley
Kathy Schmitz Studio ~ Kathy Schmitz
Laundry Basket Quilts ~ Edyta Sitar
Kate Spain Designs ~ Kate Spain
Primitive Gatherings ~ Lisa Bonegan

And the last day December 9th visit …
Basic Grey ~ Jen Williamson
Jan Patek Quilts ~ Jan Patek
American Jane ~ Sandy Klop
Pieces From My Heart ~ Sandy Gervais
Yep this will be my day to blog.

However, as usual, I will post everyday.
For this blog hop I will post a picture everyday that I find interesting, fascinating or just plain odd.

Since the the NBA players and owners have come to an agreement, there will be a basketball season, which made me think of this picture. Last fall Bruce and I took a day off to go leafing. Unfortunately we were too late for the leaves. However, we did come across this unusual basketball court. I'm not sure if this picture falls under interesting or odd. I have titled the picture...

Only in Iowa
Many kids who grew up on a farm had a basketball court in the haymow of the barn.
Like many Iowa farms these days, this farm did not have a barn - so I am guessing they had to improvise.
I imagine that the kids in this family all have stubbed toes. Ouch - remember stubbing you toe as a kid - or an adult - not fun.
And do you suppose they dribble on the grass - if that is possible - or is it strictly a passing game??
Yes only in Iowa will you find a basketball court like this.

Here is hoping you do not stub you toes today, tomorrow - or ever.

Tune in tomorrow to visit these 5 designers and check out the picture of the day.
Kansas Troubles ~ Lynne Hagmeier
Fig Tree ~ Joanna Figueroa
Cosmo Cricket ~ Julie Comstock
Summersville ~ Lucie Summers
Paper Pie ~ Liz Scott

From my heart,


  1. Deb Strain post is not up yet... other recipes are great!
    must try those no-bake cookies...

  2. Being from california i didn't quite what to do with the concret slap i had on my farm. But it didn't take me long to figure out what i missed living in the country so i used mine for roller skating! It was fun seeing what someone else used theres for, put a smile on my face this morn. :)