Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gifts Galore Blog Hop Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of Gifts Galore Blog Hop.
Today's featured designers are:

Kansas Troubles ~ Lynne Hagmeier
Fig Tree ~ Joanna Figueroa
Cosmo Cricket ~ Julie Comstock
Summersville ~ Lucie Summers
Paper Pie ~ Liz Scott
Be sure to visit their blogs to download the blocks and recipes that they have to offer.

I don’t know about you but the minute I say "we need to get the tree in the stand" my husband - as did my dad - turns into Mr. Scrooge. Really is it that hard to put a tree in a stand - granted the temperature might be below zero - and carry it in the house - Yes first you have to make a fresh cut. And yes maybe the trunk is a little crocked - but just adjust the ropes on the tree stand - how hard can it be?
I have found a couple of interesting images of trees that do not require any of the above tasks. In other words the dear hubby would love to see these trees in our house.
And you don't have to remember to water them either.


Easy Reading.

Tune in tomorrow to visit these 5 designers and see the picture of the day.

Cotton Way ~ Bonnie Olvason
French General ~ Kaari Meng
oliver + s ~ Liesl Gibson
Sweetwater ~ Karla Eisenbach
The Long Thread ~ Ellen Luckett Baker

My your tree task be a breeze this year.

From my heart,



  1. Love these trees! The book one is clever :)

    I'm being drawn to the Dark Side and beginning to think of an artificial tree that someone ELSE has already put the lights on...never thought I'd get to this point.

  2. Ha! You may not need to water the bottle tree, but you do need to remember to keep your empty wine bottles! Now there's an idea! Geez, gotta drink wine so we can have a tree! I'm link it! ;o) Happy New Year! Cheers!

  3. Geezzz, fingers are faster than the spell check! I meant to say "I'm linking it" ;o) Cheers! Wow, I have the word verification "expurema" it sounds like a spell! EXPUREMA! Oh...