Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Face Branding

Face Branding
A buzz word right now is "branding." Part of branding is connecting a face to a brand - getting your face out there. I ask– where was this novel idea 20 years ago before gravity had completely taken over??? I am never at the right place at the right time.

Moda, being the savvy company that they are, decided to have the designers make a small project that they could feature in ads with the face of the designer.
Moda hired a photographer to come to fall market to take pictures of each of us designers with our projects.

You may remember Camille of Thimbleblossoms was the first to be featured in a "get your face out there" ad, with this adorable pincushion - still available on Moda Bake Shop.

Lucky Camille. She is still young and adorable.
Although, I may have, at one time, been as young as Camille...
I was never as cute as she is. :-(

For my project I thought it would be fun to have a "sewing companion" to set by your machine, or on a shelf nearby.

With that thought Owliva was born.
The size of her eyes certainly enables her to "watch" over you.
She could also be used as a pincushion -

if you can bear to poke her with pins.

This ad can be found in this month's Quilter's Newsletter,

featuring Owlivia and my face.

(You know what they say—after awhile people start looking like their pets.)

If you would like to make, Owlivia go to Moda Back Shop for a tutorial.

I am also offering a kit for Owlivia.
The price of the kit is $12.50 (plus shipping).

The kit includes pattern, 6 fabrics from my Frolic line of fabric, ric rac, cotton batting and two buttons.

All you will need to add is your favorite stuffing - batting, play sand, walnut shells, etc.

Go here to order the kit.

So....What do you think the next marketing trend will be???

I am hoping it is something involving feet - and I don't mean crow's feet.

From my heart,



  1. Sandy you look great! Don't know what you are talking about, that was a wonderful pic. Never thought I'd say this but I'm happy I'm not a Moda designer. LOL! I took a picture a couple of years ago and it became the official photo I put everywhere. "Need a picture? No I won't sit for it, but here have this one."
    Oh, and BTW, No one is as cute as Camille! Despicable isn't it? LOL!!

  2. What do you mean-you look thoroughly young & even perky! But is that a composition photo? Otherwise you have very large hands!(lol)

  3. Owlivia is so darn cute!! I'm ordering two kits, so I can make one for my best quilting friend and still have one to roost at my house!

    Nope, no pins for Owlivia! She'll be my quality control supervisior, wisely watching over my quilting progress.

    I really love your Frolic line, great colors and prints! Looking forward to working with it soon!

  4. Sandy, you're too cute (and so is Owlivia)! Your ad looks great, congrats! :)

  5. I love Owlivia!!! I just saw her at ModaBakeshop and wondered where I was going to find some ric rac. Then, I pop over here and you have it!!!!

  6. i have no idea what the next trend will be... but you are too hard on yourself... the ad looks adorable... especially with your fantastic glasses! and i do love the owl.. i may just go home & make him tonight!

  7. Love the ad, and that Owlivia. Love it! I also like Lissa's scratch and sniff ad idea. Nothing better than the smell of a good foot or two.

    You are such a nerd, Sandy- if I look half as good as you when I'm 30, I'll be one happy camper! (You are 30, right?)

    But thanks for the compliment. My yoga pants, messy bun and no make-up thank you. :-)

  8. You're too funny. I think your ad is awesome. Owlivia is cute and you always have wonderful ideas and creations. Be proud you are featured in the ad.

  9. My what big hands you have!
    Little Red Riding Hood

    tee he he

  10. You look adorable...just like your Owlivia!

  11. Sandy -I love your owl. Oh dear - my pet is a bulldog!

  12. I just saw that pic in a magazine! It's so cute.

  13. I always feel like I'm stalking a celebrity when I read your blog!

    I think I need your autograph!

    Who who? You!

  14. hoo, HOO, hoo! love your owl and the fabrics too!

  15. It is exciting to put a face to the quilt patterns I so dearly love, and if I may say so... you are as cute as a button [a very cute button that is!] Don't ever doubt the fact that you have it all going on. Owlivia is owdorable! Thanks for all you do!