Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy As A Clam

I am Happy as a clam.

Why am I happy as a clam?
I have just finished computer generating
my quilts using my 2010 Fall fabric.
For me generating quilts is a pain in the neck.
Not because I do not like generating,
I love the challenge of taking forty 5" Charm Squares
and seeing what I can create.
Generating for me is literally a pain in the neck.

The pain in the neck comes from having
to tilt my head back to see the computer screen,
thus causing the pain in my neck.

(Yes, I am of the age of "bifocals required".)

Therefore when my quilts are done - I am happy as a clam.
The solution would be to take a pair of old frames

and have the reading part of my prescription put in the lenses.
I just cannot remember to do this.

Lord knows I have plenty of old frames laying around.
(I have a bit of a glasses fetish.)

Some of your might be wondering - What exactly is computer generating a quilt.
At Moda they like to be able to show the shop owners what patterns will be available using each line of fabric. This enables them to order fabric more efficiently.
Since the sales reps show the fabric on paper - before we actually have cloth to make the quilts - our only option is to "make" them on the computer.

How do you make a quilt on the computer?
Kind of like you make a real quilt.
Moda scans each strike-off (samples of fabric the mill sends us to approve the color and pattern). They then send me a disc of all of the scanned images.

Just like a real quilt the first thing you do is cut the quilt.
The images are usually about 6" X 8". If I am making a Charm Pack™ quilt I have to cut each of the pieces to a size of 5" X 5". How do I do this? I simply crop the picture to 5" X 5". If I am making a Layer Cake™ quilt I have to "piece" the fabric to make a 10" X 10" piece.

After I have "cut" the quilt. I start "piecing", simply by moving the scanned images into the position needed.

The name of the line is Awesome.
What season is more awesome than fall?
In my eyes, by far the prettiest color palette of all the seasons.

Autumn Glow, Pumpkin, Moss, Bark, Yarrow and Red Maple.
Below are the quilts that I generated.

Quilt using the panel.

I did a squirrel and acorns because our yards at home and the lake

are filled with oak trees, acorns and squirrels.

Charm Pack pattern

Jelly Roll pattern

Layer Cake pattern

A pattern called Cosmos.

This one I named Kaleidoscope.
It is easier than it looks.
(Lots of strip piecing.)

If you are a shop owner and you are interested in seeing this line, contact you Moda rep. The reps now have this line in their hands.
If you are not a shop owner you will have to wait until July to see this line.

Sorry to be such a tease...
but arriving in stores now - Frolic.

Did you ever wonder where the saying Happy as a Clam came from?
I assumed it was because a clam always looks like he/she is smiling.

Well I did some research and I found out the original saying was " happy as a clam in high tide". A clam is happy at high tide because you cannot dig for clams at high tide. They therefore as assured of not becoming some one's meal.

Now you know.

From my heart,



  1. What a fascinating process! I love the colors and patterns. I love oak trees and acorns too. Sweet!

  2. So Cute! I love the fall feeling of your patterns as well as the fabrics. Wonderful!

  3. You just seem to have the funnest little posts, love the drawings...Maybe I should do that ;-)

  4. You have taught me a lot with this post. Thank-you

    I already have purchased some Frolic and am now waiting for its pattern.

    Sandy, Awesome is truly awesome. I always look forward to your lines becoming available for purchase.

    You're such a creative genious.

  5. your patterns for the new fall line...well they are awesome..especially the charm acorn...but wait there about 3 others I want to make. can't wait til market to see what you have in store!

  6. Such pretty patterns! I especially like Cosmos and Kaleidescope. That one does look really hard. Nice to know it's actually a little easier than it looks.

  7. I am such a fan of your charm pack patterns. I make a lot of them because I love them. They are quick and easy and adorable and make great gifts.

  8. Cute patterns! Can't wait to see the fabrics.

    Feel your pain on the glasses. Have readers but will soon transition to bi-focals. Here's to aging!

  9. aaaarh, I love pumpkins and the panel looks great- what a fun! The fabric collection Gobble-Gobble was delicious but the new one: Awesome looks also "awesome" ;-)))) yummy!

  10. oh I love it all..and am happy you are happy as a the glasses on the clam..very cute!!

  11. Awesome is awesome! Thanks for sharing the story and ALL of the quilts are gorgeous!
    Now to make something with Frolic!

  12. i did not know that was where the saying came from... interesting... your new line is adorable!! i have a few ideas for it already!

  13. I really like the panels..-I think I need some 'Frolic"!!!

  14. Oh wow...I can't wait for July. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and I love your new line. I would like to be notified if that bit of land behind the polka do tree goes for sale! What a great quilt! Thanks for brightening my day


  15. Wow your new fabric line is truly AWESOME! Can't wait to see it in person ;-)

  16. My sister in law always takes her glasses off turns them upside down so she doesn't get a stiff neck. Love the new stuff. Keep up the great work.
    Robin in Kelso, WA

  17. Love Frolic! I'm dying waiting for the patterns.

  18. I so love your fabrics Sandy, I just finished a jelly roll quilt from a past Christmas line. I shared it on my blog. I even designed a quilting pattern from the fabric.
    You inspire me and for that I to am happy as a clam!

  19. I just love your designs. I have been creating with them for several years. Yesterday I had an absolutely euphoric experience, my first chance to order for my new shop. I must say that for a newbie who has never done this before from a purchasing angle, I loved being able to see your patterns on paper. So thank you, even if it does cause a crink in the neck.
    I can't wait for the arrival of both Awesome(and it is) and Adoring. My only regret is I am too late for Frolic, so I have my eyes peeled for it at Fat Quarter.

  20. It really is worthwhile going to your optician/eye doc and telling him exactly what you want Mum's guy made her a pair with the prescription exactly for using with the computer and they were brilliant and well worth the I'm going to do the same..sure beats a cricked neck!

    love your blog..first visit..hope you don't mind the comment

    (love the profile notes.. my gramps farmed, I grew up in the countryside ..diff country mind..taught in a two class village school and believe chocolate to be a foundation item in the food grows on trees so that makes it a fruit right)

  21. I can identify with your glasses problem - I have the same problem and neck pain. Have you tried wearing a pair of reading glasses over your regular glasses? Works for me. Yes, I look and feel ridiculous when I do this, but in a pinch, it helps. A new pair of specially-made computer glasses is really what we need!

  22. Awesome! Can't wait until July!

  23. Oh! I am SUCH a squirrelophile - I just love the panel quilt! I'm also just a beginner, so I'm hoping you put directions or a kit together or something. Those colors are so perfect for fall; I can see my little girls snuggling under it already...

  24. Cyrena's Raggedy CottageSeptember 24, 2010 at 8:17 PM

    Sandy ... my "Awesome" fat quarter bundle arrived just today!!! It truly is awesome ... all your fabrics are awesome!! I was wondering, since this line didn't include a green solid, if you could suggest a green solid from one of your other lines that matches the green prints in "Awesome". Thank you so much for sharing your amazingly "awesome" talent ... I really do love all of your designs and fabrics!!! I hope you have a lovel evening/weekend/Autumn!!