Friday, November 20, 2009

Blog Hop Day 12

Today is the last day of the Cross Country Quilt Designers Blog Hop.

It is kind of bittersweet. Happy that I can take a little break from blogging. Happy that I no longer have to rummage through boxes of photos that are in no particular order. Sad that this is all coming to an end. I myself have enjoyed reading all of the blogs.

Those of you who found me via this blog hop, welcome and I hope you stop back often.

The last and final designer of the day is Linda Lum DeBono. I am anxiously waiting to see her holiday project.

Find Linda's free project here.
Don't forget to leave a comment so you are eligible for the big prizes.
(I want the fabric!)

Some of you had questions about the commenting so I just want to clarify: To be eligible for the grand prize you need to comment on each designers project post. You don't have to do it on the exact day that it is posted, just make sure you comment on all the project blogs before the hop ends. So if you missed commenting on my project day, which was day 2, just scroll down until you get to that post and post your comment now.

Today' topic: Craft, something you still make every year or made as a child....could be a craft gone wrong horror story.

There was only one thing I really hated about Christmas as a child and that was making construction paper chain link garlands.

Every year for 4 years (because we made on EVERY year that I attended East Loon Lake country school), I was forced to make a chain link garland.

You know the routine—red, green, red, green, red, green — BORING
One year I decided I was going to do my own thing.
I did red red, green, red red, green.

Just as I was getting a good start,
along comes Mrs. Hildreth, my country school teacher grades 1-4
Sandra you are doing it wrong.
But I like it this way. I like red better than green.
Sandra you are going to run out of red strips.
She had precut the strips so EVERYONE'S would be EXACTLY alike.
Yes she made me redo my garland.
(I have no ides how this picture became so crumpled.)

There were a total of 9 kids in the whole East Loon Lake School. (K-6 - five of them from the same family.) Here are our garlands

Dave's garland.

Beth's garland

Cindy's garland.

My garland. (Hey, at least mine is shorter than the rest.)

Hey no need to list these all separately.
Marcia's, Jim's, Kathy's, Bruce's (not my Bruce) and Dean's garland.

I am sure some of you have nodded off by now. Because it is sooooo BORING.

At the end of 4th grade, East Loon Lake School closed. I have never made another construction paper chain link garland again.

I found this quote.
I liked it so much that I had it
painted on my studio wall.
Yes Mrs. Hildreth - I survived!
I also had some bad advise from my
High School Counselor. (see bio to right)

Today I will share with you one of the crafts that I like to make for the holidays.

It is a Fresh Apple wreath.

This wreath is featured in one of my
Project Books #1026 Just Jolly.
You can purchase the book here.

Just a few of the projects featured in the book.

I used all Granny Greensmith apples for my wreath -if you want to use all red that is fine - or red and green. I don't care, it's your wreath and Mrs. Hildreth is no longer with us. :)
Things you will need to make your Fresh Apple Wreath

10 Granny Greensmith apples
One 12” foam wreath
Artificial greenery
Fresh greenery (optional)
Artificial berries
1 Yd. of 2” red grosgrain ribbon
Ten 3 1/2” sheetrock screws
Staple gun and staples

Screw the 10 sheetrock screws into the wreath coming
in from the back, leaving a bigger space in the center
front for the ribbon.

Staple fresh and artificial greenery around screws.

Wrap ribbon around wreath form and tie in a knot.

Push an apple onto each screw.

Poke berries into wreath form.

Sometimes I leave the ribbon off and use my wreath as a large candle ring for my red Christmas candle.

Experiment - You don't have to make yours exactly like mine.

Some suggestions for different ways of embellishing your apple wreath:
I like the color combination of Granny Greensmith green and turquoise. You could use little turquoise bulbs instead of berries. You can hot glue them to the wreath. It works best to do this after the apples are on the screws. Use a turquoise ribbon instead of red.

I also like the color combination of Granny Greensmith green and brown. Substitute pine cones for berries. Again works best to do this after the apples are on. Use a brown ribbon instead of red.

Do whatever your little heart desires. I would love to hear how you decorate you wreath to make it uniquely you.

This is the end of the Cross Country Quilt Designers Twelve Days of Christmas Blog Hop.
I hope you enjoyed the hop and are able to start and finish one or two of the projects posted. If you finish a project post it here on Fickr.
You will be able to post on the blogs through the weekend. We will chose the winners on Monday and on Tuesday all twelve of use will have the winners posted on our blogs.
Check back on Tuesday to see if you are a lucky winner.

It's been fun.

Good bye for now.

From my heart,



  1. I am so sad it's over. I love the wreath idea, I might just have to do that this year! Ok, Maybe next, but Iam so printing it out to do it SOMEDAY =)

  2. I love the wreath! I think that I am going to make it this weekend! Thanks for some great stories Sandy. Hope to see you in MN in the spring. xo, Linda

  3. Thank you to all! I have really enjoyed reading these blogs.

  4. Beautiful wreath!!! Thanks for sharing it, and most of all thanks for this fun and inspiring event!

  5. Thanks for everything. Take your well-earned break....although I'm sure you have plenty to do in other areas.

  6. Thanks so much for the hop! I will miss you all tomorrow!

  7. I love that wreath. The blog hop has been great and I will miss it but I will be stopping back at all the sites from time to time.

  8. I laughed so hard over the paper chain garlands! I went to a tiny K-8 one room school and still have unkind memories about "art" projects. The worst was the square of plywood with a rooster drawn on and we had to fill in the whole thing with macaroni and seeds. I had more fun crunching on the hard macaroni and peeling glue off my fingers!
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. It's been fun!

  9. Isn't it amazing how some teachers loved to squash the creative spirit of a child! But there were good ones too (I'm sure). Thanks for a great blog hop. It has been so fun to read everyone's blog every morning. I'm going to miss visiting with you gals. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Cute wreath idea. Have enjoyed this blog hop and getting to know more about you. All of you designers are so talented. Thank you.


  11. This has been a lot of fun. I appreciate you ladies doing this and the thought and time that went into it. It's wonderful for those of us that can't do a driving shop hop because of time or just whatever reason. Thank you.

    p.s. love the teacher story. LOL!

  12. I can hardly believe that today is the final day of blog hop. Thank you for being part of it and thanks for the beautiful wreath project today. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

  13. Obviously your creative spirit was not squashed. You have continually blessed us with your creativity. It's because of creative minds like yours that help the rest of us who don't have such a gift.

    Thank you for the many crafts/designs/fabrics/patterns and all that you share.

    Sewing hugs and blessings...always.

  14. Going back over the sites has been fun. Thanks for the ideas.
    Mary Ann Dove

  15. Hi Sandy,
    What a great quote! Just wanted to let you know I have enjoyed all your posts curing the blog hop and that you are doing a great job with your blog! On one of the last posts you mentioned 90 fabric lines - What an incredible accomplishment. Think of all the quilts around the world with your fabric! (with quite a few of them in my studio!) Be sure to stop by my booth next spring market and say Hi!

  16. Thank you so much for being part of the blog hop!!! Love that quote. I have really enjoyed everyday of the hop!

  17. my granddaughter loves apples, so i gotta make this wreath!!! i have got to say how much i have enjoyed this blog hop. i have seen so many cool projects and am now aware of some new to me designers whose projects i love. i am sharing this blog hop with my quilting buddies. thanks to everyone who participated. :-)

  18. Love the apple wreath! Thanks for sharing!

  19. So bummed this is the last day! The projects have been wonderful, and the stories have been sooo amusing! :)
    I love love the idea of a fresh apple wreath! I love the color combos you offer too! Love turquoise, and brown, I wouldn't be able to decide.
    Ok, pardon my stupid questions about the fresh apple long does it stay fresh and (I have little apple-loving children) do you think the apples would stay edible after using them for decor (as long as I don't spray down the wreath with fake snow or glitter or anything else that's toxic)? I don't want to find a bite mark in my table wreath or constantly have the kids whine for an apple. :P

  20. Thanks so much for the "Blog Hop". It was wonderful getting know a little about each of you and what you all do in the design world. I haven't actually made anything yet but do have several favorites that I will be sure to make .....probably not before Christmas though..LOL


  21. Love the apple wreath. And the crumpled up picture. Gee...I wonder how that happened? Glad you survived her attempt to mold you into conformity to become the creative designer you are today! Thanks for the fun!

  22. It is sad it's over I've been enjoying looking forward to each days project, and the stories, but it must have been a lot of work for you. Thanks for doing it!

  23. You crack me up! I love the wreath, how sweet is that?!

  24. I am so glad that you told us about your designs. I have bought quite a few - Thank you.

  25. Thank you so much for the blog hop! It has been wonderful! I have so enjoyed the memories and the patterns. You ladies are great!!!

  26. Sandy, I've so enjoyed laughing along with you during this hop. Thanks for sharing so much with us -- it has been such fun. Now I'm going to have to follow you on this blog forever, I guess (no, I am not a stalker!)

  27. Thank you for sharing all of your traditions and memories with all of us. It was a hoot reading them!

  28. Thanks again for the blog hop. It's been a lotta fun!

  29. I have had a great time on the hop, thank you so much for taking the time to share your traditions and memories with all of us!

  30. Gracias por cada uno de estos doce dias, bellas historias , buenisimas dise├▒adoras. Hasta pronto

  31. I've been enjoying this week and look forward to your blog everyday. I'm going to be a busy bee with all the wonderful projects. Thank you so very much.

  32. Thanks! This has been great! I hate to see it end.

  33. Mrs, Hildreth..... heh, heh, heh!! I have a funny feeling how that picuture got crumpled, but I won't say!! I have sewn almost all my life, but not quilted. I took a class in 1992, after my beginner year in '91 (my beginner teacher was a very wonderful person, and we are really great friends today), however that other teacher, had told us to sew all the way to the end of this piece of fabric (wedding ring) and she announced later, she had made a mistake and wanted us to only sew to the seam allowance... well, being a long time sewer, she came over to me, and said she wanted me to take out all those seams (I was also very fast & had lots done), so I decided to try and make them work. She said in a very loud voice, so all could hear - "Hmmmmph, well I can see you wont be a very good quilter!!" The words still ring loud in my ears, however, not bragging, but I think I have proved her wrong! And I would have preferred your red, red, green chain also!!!
    I cant believe I had not visited you before, as I'm a big fan or your patterns and fabric lines, but I will return again and again - I've really enjoyed checking in every day, and appreciate all the work you all have done to make it fun for us!!!

  34. I love that wreath, thanks for sharing!

  35. I laughed at your teacher story, thanks for re-living that painful experience for us :)

    I have had SO much fun in this blog hop.... I will miss reading the blogs tomorrow.



  36. i actually like making paper chains! but sorry that the "man" tried to stifle your creativity--good thing they didn't :-)

  37. Yes, indeed, I remember the paper chains -- wouldn't be Christmas with them in those days. Teachers today are so much more creative -- my children and grandchildren have brought home the most darling projects -- they are heirlooms. I've thoroughly enjoyed the blog hop and have obtained some great ideas -- hope I can implement some of them before the Big Day!

  38. This has been a lot of fun. Thank you for the stories and ideas. I have had a lot of fun with your fabrics and patterns.

  39. What an ironic quote! Your creative mind was being suppressed while in school, and look at you now!

  40. Love the wreath, thank you for sharing, I'm so sad it's over, wish it could last forever, but... you need to relax right now, and have fun!

  41. Thank you for all your hard work and creativity. We are all the lucky beneficiaries of your pluck and spirit. Loved this whole experience!
    Leslie S. in MN

  42. I live in apple country I can't believe I never thought of it. Thank you for sharing!!! Your quote is wonderful, I wrote it down but was unable to read who said it. I have a couple grandsons who are very creative, what imaginations; I believe this quote needs to find a place in their room. Blessings on your Holiday

  43. I've enjoyed all the desingers and their projects. Thanks for doing this! And the giveaway!


  44. Thanks for all your work on this. I totally enjoyed it!

  45. Thank you for sharing in the blog hop. I really enjoyed it.

  46. Isn't it funny that your very worst-liked project is someone else's best-liked? *S* Altho, her fabric ones are dreamy.

    Mrs. H. LOOKS like she would handle every project that way.

    Thx so much for all your contributions to this really great hop.

    Happy Holidays!

  47. Oh that is so funny I love to make paper chains!!

  48. I so enjoyed all of the blogs and the wonderful designs from everyone. Blog Day 5 does not seem to be available for comments anymore. Should have done it sooner. Thanks for 12 very interesting days.

  49. Loving that Green apple wreath! Never would have thought of that! Mornings are so sad now that it is over! We all love hanging out with you guys. Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline@aollcom

  50. Did your teacher have a twin? I got in trouble in first grade for coloring one apple in a group yellow. Apples are RED, don't you know? I have really enjoyed this hop and the peeks into your lives that you've shared with us. Now to find the time to make all the neat things that have been shared. Thank you so much.

  51. Your story brought back painful memories of my first grade teacher. It was Easter time, and we had large egg shapes to paint/color to put up on the walls of our classroom. I boldly painted mine with zig-zag stripes across the face of the egg. Mrs. Richardson yelled at me that that would be impossible to do on a real egg, and refused to put my painting on the wall with the others. That trauma has stayed with me for 55 years!! And whenever I color eggs, I put zig zags on them.
    Have so enjoyed the blog...hope there's another soon!

  52. Thanks for you help in printing out the pattern. I've enjoyed the ride!

  53. fantastic wreath! great story about the garland too ... I always did love making those!