Friday, November 12, 2021

Sunshine and Dewdrops

Sunshine and Dewdrops

Today is my day to be featured on the Riley Blake Designs Virtual Market Facebook page.

A video featuring my Sunshine and Dewdrops line of fabric will air Friday, November 12 at 2:15. MST on the Riley Blake Designs Virtual Market Facebook page. 

Here is the link to the page group -you must join the group to be able to participate

And here is a link to the schedule.

The prints in this line are taken from my original watercolor paintings.

Storyboard link.

All of my fabric lines can be seen here.

 Lemon Squeezy - a quick and easy table mat.

How about some lemonade.
I like to make my lemonade the easy way - but with a twist.

Download and print the recipe here

I like to serve my lemonade in chilled glasses.

Below are the patterns featuring this line of fabric.

These patterns and fabrics will be shipping in April of 2022

To see Pieces From My Heart patterns that are available now go here.

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I hope your day is filled with sunshine.


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