Friday, September 6, 2013

Blog Break and Catching Up

The Moda Size Matters blog hop is taking the weekend off. We will continue the hop on Monday with
 Deb Strain,   Barbara Brackman,  V & Co. blogging.
 I thought I would use this down time to catch you up on the last 6 months.
As I said life's happenings and deadlines seem to get in the way of my blogging.
So here is a quick wrap up of the last six months.

March - quite frankly I don't remember much about March. All I can remember is the weather was colder and we had more snow than in December.

 I generated the quilts to go with my Valentine's line Table for Two

I also  made myself a spring coat during the month of March.

April - I think we received more snow in April than we did in March or December. If it was not snowing it was raining. We busied ourselves preparing for market in Portland. Soho was my market fabric line. We made several traditional type quilts using this fabric - see yesterday's post or go to here to see the newest patterns posted on my site.

May - on May 1st we broke long standing records when we received 11" of snow.

 Children had to deliver May baskets in winter coats - crazy! Many farmers were still struggling to get the crops planted. Most of the planting is usually done by the middle of May.
 May is always a crazy month as we have market AND my Christmas AND Fall lines of fabric are both due June 1st. These fabric lines were sent May 31st UPS next day air to Moda - just under the wire.

My Christmas line is named

Pine Fresh
Colors are  very similar to Merry Medley.
My Fall line is named

Hello Fall

A whimsical line featuring traditional fall colors.

When Joy found out we were going to market she begged and whined and cried until I said she could go along.
Since Joy would be attending market, Bruce thought he could stay home. I reminded him that Joy would not be much help...

as she does not have much of a head on her shoulders.
Nor she is very willing to lend a helping hand…
In the end Bruce and Joy both attended market.

We flew to Portland - well Bruce and I did - we stuffed Joy in a box and sent her on her way.
Since we flew we pretty much had to do a booth in a bag.

We rented some furniture from Vintage Furniture Rentals in Portland. 

The Koreans stopped by to say hi.
(My fabric is printed in Korea.)

Joy whined about having NOTHING to wear to market
 until I caved and  made her a new outfit for each day of market.

Day 1. outfit.

This was supposed to be day 2 outfit but I left this outfit at the hotel. She had to wear the SAME outfit on day 2 that she wore on day 1 and this outfit she wore on day 3. (Are you as confused as I am?)
 Boy was she mad - She pouted the whole day.

This was supposed to be day 3 outfit - her casual Sunday outfit.

We stayed at The Double Tree Hotel. In my mind a 5 star hotel.
They give you hot cookies when you check in, 
or anytime you go up to the front desk and ask for one…

I made quite a few trips to the front desk.

June - We had a very cold and rainy June. June 1st is the cut off date for planting  corn or soybeans with any chance of harvesting a decent crop. June 1st came and went with many fields unplanted. Never in my 50+ years have I seen field after field of unplanted ground here in the middle of farm country.

July arrives and finally we receive some warm summer weather. 
July 4th was spent at the cabin with friends and family.

Andy caught the biggest fish.

And the biggest stick.

Anthony caught the smallest fish.
The fisherman's trick of holding it as close to the
 camera as possible does not enhance the size of this fish.

The month of August was spent designing my Spring Market 2014 market line.

 Rambling Rose.

Kind of a softer more muted toned down version of SoHo 
with the addition of the color Grey.

Labor day was spent with my two sister's and their husbands at the cabin. The weather was perfect. I did not get one picture of the weekend. We mostly sat on the deck and ate big meals made from fresh garden produce.

I am now computer generating the quilts that will feature my new Spring line of fabric.

The name of the line is Chance of Flowers.
This line will début at Fall Market in Houston.

That pretty much is the last 6 months in a nutshell.
I will try my hardest to be a better blogger.
I can feel you all rolling your eyes - as you have all heard this before.
But I promise I really will try my best.
Check back on Monday when  Deb Strain   Barbara Brackman   V & Co. will be blogging.

Remember to leave a comment on YESTERDAY'S post (not this one) to be eligible to win some great Moda prizes.

Have a great weekend.
From my heart,


  1. You have been busy. I am quilting a runner I made with posh pumpkins and used an old fabric I had with fall leaves and realized it was one of your fabrics too.


  2. You have been one BUSY gal!! I am just nuts about your new lines! Can't wait to see them. Thank you for giving us an update.

  3. Wow! That was a lot of snow! We are 'lucky' to get two days (not even both at the same time) of snow here in winter...the kids have all been disappointed as forecasters had predicted snow about three times this past winter but it never happened (will probably happen now that spring is here and the lambing has started!) You have been busy, all the best for Houston.

  4. Me again! PS: am very excited to have discovered your blog - today I just finished making the 5th of five tote bags using your Frolic layer cake - gorgeous colours! Thanks so much for the super designs! (Pictures are on my blog)

  5. It's been busy alright. Thank you for a glimpse of your busy life. I think Rambling Rose is going to be a favorite of mine. I love the soft colors. Can't wait to see more.

  6. Way to blog, Sandy!!! I am totally anxious for all the new lines you have coming. They all look so GREAT!!!

  7. Ok, that was my Saturday morning chuckle for sure!!! TY!

  8. OH! Chance of Flowers...can't wait.

  9. You have 2 recent posts? I have to go check the other one -- but first I have to catch my breath after chuckling and almost choking while eating my bagel and coffee for breakfast. Glad you're back!

  10. Your dresses are very eye-catching ... beautiful ... and very "you" :) I really, really like the looks of your new line and am sure I will have to add it to my Sandy collection here in my sewing room :) Thank you for the update and I'm glad you've been off finding some time to enjoy yourself!!

  11. wow you are one busy lady. But it sure looks like you have fun.

  12. Oh my were you a "good" busy. Love the spring coat…that color is right up my alley:)

  13. Love you new fabric line! Love the way you blog. So entertaining.

  14. I lvoe that your fabric is printed in Korea. Visited there last summer (2012) and I was enchanted with their special textile techniques, both in the linens and the table and window dressings. Not to mention the mokeli my father loved!

  15. I can't tell you how much I LOVED this blogpost. That Joy has quite the attitude, doesn't she? On another note, I think I'm going to love Pine Fresh and can't wait to see it in person. Hope you have a chance to come up for air and enjoy the autumn.