Monday, October 31, 2011

Missed - Didn't Miss

Today is the last day of International Quilt Market in Houston Texas.
I chose not to go this year as my lines of fabric Sassy and Name That Quilt Labels were pre-market releases
I find it is just to darn expensive to go to market without new product to show.
There are some things I missed about not going to market and some things I did not miss.

Things I missed:
Seeing all of my friends and customers :-(
Chicken Paige at Anthony's Steak House - delicious!
The Moda Party - always a fun time.
Buying new shoes for market - I love shoes.

Things I didn't miss:
The two and a half day, 1046.41 mile road trip to Houston.
Booth set-up.
Paying good money for bad food at the convention center.
Booth take down
The two and a half day, 1046.41 mile road trip back to Iowa.

Just because we did not go to market does not mean we have been sitting idle for the last week.

Late Bloomers fabric has shipped
and the patterns are up and ready for purchase.
Name That Quilt labels will be shipping soon.
We have two patterns to go with this line featuring projects using the quilt labels in other ways than a label on the back of a quilt.

These labels are too cute to put on the back of a quilt.

We pieced ours into an Irish Chain Block.

Have friends and relatives sign the labels to create a keepsake

for you next special occasion - wedding, graduation or birthday.

#535 Please Sign In

This is the same quilt using the darker version of the labels.

Here we used labels in many fun ways.
We pieced them into a pillowcase - send this off with you college bound child.
Mug rugs - to protect your tabletop.
Eyeglasses case - to protect your glasses.
A tablerunner.
And an apron with a zipper detail.
#536 Bria-a-Brac

Hope you all had a great market - both those showing and buying.

I will show at spring market in Kansas City. See you there.

From my heart,



  1. If you don't have a booth, you don't have to take a booth or the we can become and then we are talking a lot hassel.... one plane ticket, you are not tied to a booth so you can go get food "out" when you want..... and you still get to see your friends....and the new and newest!! Just a Thought.

  2. You make such cute stuff. I especially like the Making Honey quilt!

  3. Who would have thought of a quilt using labels on the front? I love it, especially the darker version of the Irish Chain and can't wait to see that line in person!

  4. Your Irish chain with the labels is brilliant! What a neat idea for a new signature quilt!! As always, Sandy, I love and adore your work and thank you for sharing it any time you chose :)

  5. Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of using the labels on the front of a quilt. Great Idea. Love reading your blog and all your fabrics.

  6. Love your quilt labels and the idea of using them on the front of the quilt for a special occasion to have people sign.