Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back From Fall 09 Market

We are finally back from market.
Market itself was great. We were able to connect with old friends and customers.
Just a few of our friends:

Mr. Mark Dunn the owner of Moda Fabrics.

Jan Patek of Jan Patek Quilts.
Jan and I have been Moda designers for 15 years now.
We were the third and fourth designers to join Moda.
The first and second designers are no longer with Moda.
So that makes us the oldest - in more ways than one. :)
(Kathy Schmitz is in the background)

Deb Strain of Saltbox Illustrations - she too has been designing for Moda for quite sometime.

Alma Allen and Barb Adams from Blackbird Designs
And Kathy Schmitz.

Lynn Hagmeier from Kansas Troubles

Joanna Figueroa from Fig Tree & Co.

Sandy Klop of American Jane.

Edyta Sitar from Laundry Basket Quilts.

Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson from Minick and Simpson
with their award winning booth ribbon.
Congratulations Polly and Laurie!

Lila Tueller of Lila Tueller Designs.
So sorry that I did not get a more complete picture of Lila.

Karla Eisenach from Sweetwater.

We also visited with Barb and Mary from Me and My Sister. I snapped a picture of them but they will be very glad that I did not post it - sorry girls - it was not good.

Market itself was great but set up, take down and the trip home were brutal.
I will try to make it brief.

•As I mentioned it was ungodly hot for the first day of set up.

•The second day of set up we drove around Houston looking for antique shops.
•With a GPS that kept saying "acquiring satellites".
•In the pouring down rain, thunder and lightening.
•I was looking for a bench to display my pillows.
•Never did find one.
•Jan Patek was a dear and let me borrow one of her baskets.

•Right before takedown there was a downpour.
•Found our trailer sitting in a big puddle of water.
•Quit raining - the sun came out - then it was hot and humid.

•Monday night after market we drove to Conroe - just outside of Houston to spend the night.

•Started out bright and early Tuesday morning.
•In the pouring down rain.
•Stopped at Rudy’s Bar-B-Q in Norman Oklahoma for lunch.
•Mainly stopped there so I could have one - or 2 or 3 of their caramel/pecan bars.
•I only ate half of my turkey sandwich - to save room for the bars.
•They were out of caramel/pecan bars.
•So disappointed.
•My sole reason for stopping there was for a pecan bar.
•Left disappointed.
•50 miles down the road discovered that I had left my purse at Rudy’s.
•They are mailing it back to me.

•Nearly ran out of gas on the turnpike.
•We had 9.2 miles to a gas station.
•We had 8.2 miles of gas left in our tank.
•Missed our turn for the first gas station.
•Somehow by the grace of God we were able to drive about 2 more miles to the next gas station.
•We put 17.1 gallons of gas in our 17 gallon tank?????
•We did not shut our windshield wipers off anytime during this day.

•Finally made it to Kansas City about 8:00 Tuesday night.

•Slept in Wednesday morning.
•Drove the rest of the way home.
•Rained most of the way.

•Glad to be home.

Unusual thing that I saw on our trip to Texas:
At a convenience store they had two ice dispensers.
One said Regular Ice and one said Diet Ice.
Not sure what that was all about????
Did I have my camera to take a picture of this? NO. (I can't carry it with me, I might leave it somewhere and then I would never have blog pictures.) :)

Please bear with me - I really am trying to become a better blogger.

From my heart


  1. Diet Ice. That must be my problem. I have been using the regular ice my whole life.

    I thought my windshield wipers would wear out Tuesday. Glad you are safe at home.

  2. Oh was so good to meet you at Market! Your booth was beautiful and I have to say that you are so cute! :) Glad to hear that you made it home safely. (oh and btw, you are doing great blogging!!)

  3. Sounds like you had quite an adventure--you've more than earned a rest!

  4. Diet ice?!!! Sounds like you had quite the market you're happy to be home!

  5. Hmm......and I thought those kind of terrible, horrible, very bad, no good days only happened to me. Sorry you had such a rough trip back from market.

    I loved seeing the pictures of your booth at market and your beautiful new fabrics. I'm thinking right about now you are very thankful that market only comes twice a year. Take Care.

  6. Oh, you sound tired! Get some rest and I 'm curious about that diet ice--I'll take some!

  7. Sandy it was lovely to meet and I have admired your fabric and designs for years! I am glad you arrived home safely. I am still sorting through market stuff and trying to figure out what I can make with your new line...

  8. I'm so glad I read Jan Patek's blog today - she "links" her readers to your blog so now I can become a "regular".

    Are you tired of rain yet?

    I'm a TRUE lover of your fabrics....NO ONE better touch the Gobble Gobble in this house - AND I'M NOT TALKING TURKEY....LOL

  9. Welcome home. Loved your booth, your new collection, all your collections. I am amazed at your talent. Sorry about the pecan bars....maybe next year.

  10. I almost forgot about the diet ice in all the flurry of getting home. I need some of that stuff. I just love your blog. You're a great friend.

  11. Sandy, I love your sense of humor! I am sure that is what got you through your travels home. We saw lots of vehicle off the road because of the rain. I am glad that we are both home safe.

    I have gone out of my way for something gooey and delicious and found out the same results. This is a horrible let down for women such as ourselves!!!!! See you at the next Market! Amy

  12. Thanks for the cute pattern and the recipe!

  13. Thanks for the nice pattern.  My grandkids are going to like making and eating the popcorn balls.Sandi

  14. Thank you for the nice pattern. My grandkids are going to enjoy making and eating the popcorn balls. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Bless your heart. Thank you for doing what you do!