Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Perfect Day

The weather forecast in Ankeny, Iowa on September 4th was:
High of 75 degrees.
Zero percent chance of rain.
A perfect day for an outdoor wedding.

A perfect Day.
A lovely ceremony.
And a beautiful couple.
Congratulations Anthony and Deb Gervais!

Deb's maiden name was Lampe.
After the wedding she went about the business of having her name changed on her bank accounts, credit cards, etc.

She received her new credit card and this is how her name was spelled:
Deb Gervaif

Remember my first blog? The one about my name.
If you don't remember, go here to read it.

Welcome to the family Deb, and welcome to our world, the world where you will forever say:
Deb Gervais - followed by this lingo - Gervais - G as in George e, r, - V as in Victor a, i - S as in Sam.

And even still you will get this - Gervaif.

The price you have to pay to be married to a wonderful guy named Gervais.

From my heart,


  1. I am new to the quilting world but quickly learned the spelling of your last name. Gervais brings up really outstandingly beautiful fabric selections on my browser. Love it!

  2. Congratulations to the whole Gervais family!

  3. Congratulations! When I read your blog, because you are one of my favorite designers and from the great state of Iowa, and saw the brides maiden name, I was pretty sure that my cousins daughter and her are friends, so did some checking and they are! In fact, I'm Deb and my daughter were in Emilies wedding in 2004!

  4. Small world...I grew up in Marshall with a Gervais didn't even think about the spelling or pronouncing it

  5. What a beautiful couple! Congratulations to them and your family ☺
    I sympathize with the name spelling. My maiden name was Sievers and I also grew up in the "Growing Pains" era ( remember that show with Kirk Cameron? ) so people constantly called me Sever. ☺
    I'm sure Deb feels it's worth the name misspellings, your son is a handsome guy!

  6. Congratulations to the adorable newlyweds--beautiful. Spelling is an everyday thing for you Gervais folks!

    My husband's name is Grant. Nice name--not very unusual. He recently applied for a Best Buy store card and it just arrived. They misspelled his name as G-R-A-N-Y. Pretty lame!

  7. My married name is always mispronounced but the worst was the credit card my sister Lisa got - a credit card for Kusa. (Just move the right hand over one key and type.) The people at the company refused to talk to Lisa until she said, "Fine, this is Kusa." Since they were then speaking to the right person, they agreed to send her a new card with Lisa on it. Yeah, dumb.

    Congratulations to the newly married couple!!! I hope they have a very long and very happy life together.

  8. It's a common problem. My married name is Marler. You wouldn't believe how people screw that up. My maiden name was Ward and I never had to spell that (just like you and Fisher). I still have the receipt from the place we spent our wedding night. It's made out to Jim Martin (my husband's name is Tim Marler). Now we live on Roanoke street and I have to spell out our last name AND the name of our street. Oh well!
    Congratulations to the lovely couple! I hope to meet you in Houston.

  9. My last name is Work. Do you know how many times I have to spell it?

    Sandy, since it was so warm for the wedding, I hope you weren't too warm in the plaid coat. :0)

  10. One of my co-workers works at a fabric shop and loves your fabric. When the quilt show was in DM, she said she was looking for my friend's mom, Gerrr-vase. It took her like 4 times before I realized she was talking about you! Not to worry, I corrected her pronounciation. I also think it is funny you, Brenda, Erin and Abby all "spell" Gervais the same.