Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall-o-ween Blog Hop Day 5

I am going to interrupt this Blog Hop for a very important message.
Our brand new website has FINALLY launched!!!!

It took almost an entire year to get to this point. Check Spelling

Okay this is an update from this morning's post.

There seems to be a glitch in the new site.

Some people are being directed to the old site, or no site at all???

If you do not see the above picture as the header of the are at the old site.

And the paypal is not working. :--(

Hopefully this will all be resolved in the next couple of days.

I will be at the Funny Farm for the rest of the day!

(Keep reading you will figure it out.)


It was grueling.
At one point I felt like running away and joining the circus.

And if I heard the words "must be a glitch in the system"
one more time,I most certainly would have ended up at the Funny Farm.

But good things come to those who wait.
I think you will like what you find.
At this site you can actually jump from page 1 to page 44, or jump to any page.
The new site has categories within the categories. For example if you are looking for just Charm Pack™ patterns there is a category for Charm Pack™ patterns. Looking for just Christmas patterns?? Yep, there is a Christmas Category.
Check it out at (same address as always).
Let us know how you like it.

Now onto the Blog Hop.
First of all thank you for all of your well wishes. I am feeling better today.

Welcome to Day 5 of the Quilt Designer's Fall-o-ween Blog Hop.
Today's featured designer is Terry Atkinson of Atkinson's Designs.

Hop on over to her blog to check out what she has to offer today.
The topic for the day is Clothes.

It is always a sad day when you wake up and you feel you may have to do away with the capris and put on a pair of blue jeans.
Even sadder is the day you feel like you need to wear SOCKS.
Socks have always been a problem at our household.

I don't know if the washing machine eats them or
the dryer but something happens to them
as we never seem to have pairs.

It never fails on the day it is just too cool to go without socks,
I open up my sock drawer and there they are…
all kinds of socks...none of them matching

I always end up putting on "kind of matching" socks
(two brown as opposed to a brown and black)
and head to mis-matched socks, to buy new matching socks.
And next fall I will do the same thing again. When both kids were still at home the problem was twice as bad.
We had baskets full of socks - none of them matching.
One kid was always accusing the other of taking his or her socks.
I remember the year Anthony decided to solve this problem once and for all.

He took a blue marker and put a big AG

on the bottom of all his white sweat socks.
His sister decided she also was going to solve the problem.
She took a blue marker and put her initials on the bottom of all her white sweat socks.

Her name is Abby.
And the fight continued.

Tomorrow's designer will be Heather from Anka's Treasures.
Tomorrow's topic will be Decorating.

Hop along from blog to blog to see what everybody has to say about clothes.
Comment on all 10 blogs and be eligible for our grand prize.

GE Designs, Pieces of My Heart, Atkinson Designs, Pat Sloan, Anka's Treasures,
New Leaf Stitches, Whimsicals, Miss Rosies,
Rosebud's Cottage, Linda Lum DeBono.

When you finish your projects take a picture.
Use this link to post the pictures on Flickr for all of us to see.

Hope you find time to get out and enjoy this gorgeous Fall day and may you always find matching socks.
From my heart,


  1. Oh how cute of them to do that. Love the post.

  2. My husband is the oldest of six children. His mom used to sew their initials on the bottom of their socks to help her get them back to the rightful owner once they came out of the dryer!

  3. ha, ha that was too funny! With two boys in the house, my hubby never could find his socks because one of the boys always seemed to need to borrow socks ;-)

  4. Hah! I just sprayed coffee all over the keyboard.

    It's definitely sock weather here today too.


  5. the AG sock story is hilarous, we had the same situation, sort of we had 2 laundry baskets girls socks, boys socks, you had to find whatever pair you wanted to wear, and like you said the washer and dryer eat them, but just one from each pair,, lol!

  6. You are soooo right about socks! I've always thought when the dryer repair man comes to fix the dryer and removes the back of it to get at the innards, all the lost socks would tumble out....sigh.....same thing with mulch...where does it go? I think we find out the answers to these questions when we die! LOL Polly

  7. Very cute! It's a 'wear your socks' kind of day in the mountains! ♥

  8. I loved your SOCKS post, Sandy.

    And, now as hubby and I are at that "half century" mark, it's being able to tell Navy from Black that plaques us. So LITERALLY when hubby just purchased new slacks, he took a sharpie after we got from the Men's Store and marked the inside of the waistband what color they were - BECAUSE the tags said what color they were!!! TRUE STORY!!!

    Your new website is wonderful. You can rest assured that I'll be there - MORE than once.

  9. TOO CUTE!! My machine doen't eat my socks,,but they dissappear. MAX!FERGUS!!

  10. So happy to hear this sock issue is epidemic. The worse feeling is being the weird one in teh bunch. When my daughter was old enough to steal my socks I would sew a few stitchs on the seam of the sock. Blue for me, Red for her. If I ever found blue stitches on her feet, she was required to wash them and put them in my drawers. Immediately.
    Hey! A girl has to do what a girl has to do!!

  11. Your sock post is too cute......but true. Love this blog hop. You gals are soooo funny.

  12. to funny about the socks! I solved that problem many years ago by buying my husband and kids the same colour socks. Mu husbands socks were black, son # 1 blue, son #2 brown, well, you get the picture. There were no worries about missing socks or matching of socks as they were all the same colour!

  13. I solved the problem of the missing socks - each kid had their own color/style sock. Then if one "escaped" it was easy to find another mate. Now that the nest is empty and just myself I still have the same sock style - very unflattering diabetic socks,but I always have a match.

  14. I love today's illustrations and congratulations on the website. I was so surprised at what I found when I clicked on Funny Farm!

  15. What an adorable quilt!! I love it!! And this is the cutest post about socks. :) Just adorable.

  16. But I LOVE socks! The more outrageous and funky the better. Who cares if they match as long as they're cute! :)

  17. Congratulations on your new site. Can't wait to hop over.

    The thing I dislike about the change of seasons is to change around my clothes. I don't have enough room for all my clothes so twice a year, the storage bins comes out and the switch takes place. Not my favorite activities.

  18. Glad you are feeling better.
    Love your sock story.


  19. Got some sock keeper at Walmart - connects the socks together in the laundry. Now I loose both socks, not just one.

  20. I don't like wearing socks nor do I like wearing shoes. I hold out for as long as I can without having to wear them (I wear sandals instead).

  21. This was truly funny........ some days I'm blessed to have 1 child - hahaha!! Just kidding, of course!! Love your illustrations!! Thanks, bunches!!

  22. My 5 year old grandson has taught me that it is fashionable to wear mismatched socks!

  23. LOL!!!! I loved your sock story. But I think I have some of your matches over here. I have a whole drawer of single socks. They must be yours. LOL!

  24. Those darn laundry machines - they eat socks at me house all the time - No one was as clever as your two!

  25. There should be a site where one could post pics of all our missing socks and surely someone out there would have a loner we could match.

  26. LOL Love your socks story! My washing machine used to 'eat' socks... imagine my surprise when it ate a whole tablecloth and when we got it apart we found socks too! :-)

  27. so, where are those missing socks. You know- they are never found unless you throw it's mate away! guaranteed!!

  28. Hey Ma,

    HAHAHA I remember when Anthony and I did that. As if it wouldn’t have occurred to me sooner that we have the same first and last initial...oops :O) An then there were the fights over whose uniform shirt was whose even though they were the same size and it didn’t really matter. Oh the joys of growing up with big brother Anthony.

  29. You know...I have a dryer that eats socks! It doesn't have enough of an appetite to eat an entire pair though. One is all it can least until the next feeding! Hugs...

  30. How cute of your children to put their initials on the socks. Loved that story. I have a son in law that looks forward to Christmas since someone always is sure to give him a package of new socks. It has become a tradition...socks for Tom! Glad to hear you are feeling better..keep it up.

  31. Oh Sandy, you are so much fun! My sister-in-law from Ecuador came to visit when her first daughter was a baby. She was entranced by all the beautiful socks available and bought lots of pairs. She was SO UPSET by something that we who grow up with a washer & dryer take for granted - that several of her new baby socks would get lost in the wash. That baby daughter is now an honor student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - maybe she can do a research project on what really happens to the socks!

    Anyway, this is the most fun blog hop. I have loved all the projects and really appreciate the thought and care that went into these fun, free projects!

  32. That's a funny sock story. When my DH was working, he changed into a uniform everyday at work. I accidently put a pair of my socks in his drawer, which he then grabbed and took to work. He spent the whole day wearing socks that were way too small!

  33. Hi--yes, we are at the age we see navy and black as the same--I used to laugh at my grandmother--now I'm there. My husband sometimes has black slacks with blue socks. Thanks for the day brightner. Karen T

  34. Sandy, I love the sock story. I think all of my stray socks may come together and make something entirely new. Mismatched cuffs? octopuses? Maybe if all our mismatched socks came together in a big room, they'd inspire some new style choices...
    But I'm blathering. Looking forward to the new website!

  35. I think the sock problem is an epidemic!

  36. So happy to hear you are feeling better, hang in ther ewit the site..your drawings are so funny!!
    Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com

  37. Too funny! When I was a younger and lived at home, we actually had a washer that ate the socks :). The repairman came to fix our washer because it stopped working, and when he pulled the water tube from the wall, low and behold, it was full of socks that got pulled into the tube some how. So we always could say the washer ate our socks :)

  38. LOL socks are so fun..we always (ok after "I" was mom)..make own mom would have been horrified. grins!!

  39. This is a great project. I hope I got all the blog hops. It would be a crime to miss one.

  40. That sock story is hilarious! I'm still laughing LOL

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